Journal Notes—May 2018

Journal Notes—May 2018

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published May 2018

       The May issue of FLCAJ is the management company special issue. It shines a spotlight on the important and vital role management companies play in community associations.

       In the article by Kathy Danforth “As Time Goes By. . .Get Ready” on page 40, several individuals in management companies share the steps they are taking in dealing with aging residents. Robert G. Smith with FirstService Residential points out the challenges of communication in a digital age when some residents don’t have a smartphone or a computer. He comments, “We have designed our community platform for phone messages, so a push message is sent across the front of the phone instead of email and texts. . . .We still use newsletters and postings, as well as cable channels in larger communities. Being able to communicate is huge, so we are finding ways to do it.” Linda Roman with Vesta Property Services concurs that communication is key and emphasizes the importance of face-to-face meetings.

         Diane Braswell with Leland Management talks about the challenges faced by new and changing technology that makes it hard to get everyone to participate. She explains, “To improve this situation, we have committed more resources toward these residents, believing the personal approach is beneficial to alleviate frustration.”

       Doug Weinstein with AKAM On-Site shares how physical aspects of the property need to change as residents age. He says, “It is important to address means of access for seniors as well as residents with limited mobility, so all can enjoy these spaces.”

      Also, be sure to look at the management company directory on page 46, which provides a plethora of management companies and their services. Following the directory, you can turn to page 50 and meet in a little more depth several of the management companies. These profiles provide a little bit of the company’s history, business philosophy, and services each provide.

      In addition to the management company special issue, there are several legal articles that address the following topics: website requirements, assistance animals, important bills from the 2018 legislative session, and more.

       Stay tuned for our June issue with a focus on Central Florida, and in July we will address disaster preparedness. Have a great month of May, and this Memorial Day don’t forget to honor our military service members who have given their lives.