Journal Notes—May 2021

Journal Notes—May 2021

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published May 2021

     This issue of FLCAJ is the management company special issue. It shines a spotlight on the important and vital role management companies play in community associations. When you turn to page 8, you can read about 20 of these management companies, including the services they provide and the locations throughout Florida where they provide these services. Some of the companies have provided their top tip—tips to save money, time, and headaches.

     Take the time to look at the management company directory on page 22, which provides a number of management companies throughout the state as well as contact information to find out more about their services.

     Legal articles are located on pages 24–57. These articles address the following topics: emails between board members and managers and whether they should be considered official records and subject to member inspection, successful mediation of an association dispute, the role of a community association manager (CAM) explained, assessments and the validity of a claim of lien with inaccurate assessment amount, and management options for community association.

     From pages 64–92, a variety of articles address the foundational role of reserves in your community’s financial plan, the right way to clean a roof, the use of a reserve fund to help an association survive a temporary disruption to their operating cash flow without sacrificing the future, the need for a project manager while undergoing a condominium renovation project, the balcony problems caused by the addition of sliding glass doors, community security challenges, and the options available to a community seeking to extend the life of its asphalt.

     Don’t forget that this month we remember Memorial Day and those who have given their lives to provide us our freedoms and way of life. Remember them, honor them, and thank their families for this greatest sacrifice.