Journal Notes—May 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published May 2022

     This issue of FLCAJ is the management company special issue. It shines a spotlight on the important and vital role management companies play in community associations. When you turn to page 8, you will read about 18 of these management companies, including the services they provide and the locations throughout Florida where they provide these services. Some of the companies have provided their top tip—tips to save money, time, and headaches.

     Take the time to look at the management company directory on page 22, which provides a number of management companies throughout the state as well as contact information to find out more about their services.

     Legal articles can be located on pages 26–49. These articles address the following topics: lost opportunities with no Champlain Towers-inspired bills passing, the 2022 legislative summary, a new local ordinance in Miami-Dade, precautionary measures associations can take to avoid unfortunate incidents, and what elements community associations and management companies should contemplate when doing business with each other.

     On pages 62–74, a variety of articles address how to let your manager manage, the public nature of the community covenants and the presumption that owners are aware of them, the experience of a good committee, the factors that influence the type of management your community needs, and how a community is like a quilt that the manager has to view in its entirety for it to function well.

     Don’t forget that this month we remember Memorial Day and those men and women who have given their lives to provide us our freedoms and way of life. Remember them, honor them, and thank their families for this greatest sacrifice.