Journal Notes – November 2015

Journal Notes—November 2015

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published Nov 2015

There are a variety of complexities in community association living. Do not equate the use of the word “complexities” as a bad thing. It simply means as those who live, manage, and serve on the board of directors in a community association that there are many facets to this lifestyle.

One of the complexities highlighted in this issue that communities must handle is that of aging residents. In the article The Most Common Element: Aging, Donna Berger with Becker & Poliakoff points to the importance of maintaining updated, emergency family contact information, so that family can get involved in issues that may arise with aging residents. Vidya Hogan with Elder Options recommends communities provide educational programs to their residents to help them realize the resources that are available to help them. Reading the entire article will provide a community with several helpful ways to serve and take care of their aging residents.

Another recent change that will bring its own helps and challenges to community living is the Florida legislature’s decision to allow for electronic voting in community associations. In the article Rising in the Polls: Electronic Voting, Michael Chapnick with SRHL Law points out the Internet-based voting will help communities obtain a quorum for the election of directors but that the implementation and application of electronic voting will have obstacles. Some other advantages enumerated in the article are financial savings that electronic voting provides by cutting down on paper, printing, and postage costs. An additional challenge is the fact for now some residents want to stick with paper ballots while others use the online voting, so the community has to find a way to make sure no one votes twice (once online and once on paper). Electronic voting is a big advantage and challenges will be met as they arise.

A final complexity discussed in the pages of this month’s issue concerns itself with the roof or roofs of the community associations. Stella Amador with Florida Quality Roofing helps readers understand what a silicone roof coating is, why ponding water can be detrimental to the roof, and the criteria for determining if your roof can be restored or needs replacement. Ed Williams with Ed Williams Roof Consultants has a particularly useful breakdown of important roofing terminology in his article; Judi Lynn with Rhino Roof Protection Coatings details important steps to take to stop roof deterioration.