Journal Notes—November 2016

Journal Notes—November 2016

by Charlene Yarbrough, Publisher / Published November 2016

In 1990 my brother suggested that I publish a monthly magazine for the pressure washing industry.  As you can imagine, this industry was predominately male oriented, but my sister and I took on the challenge and endured the beginning years working many hours to get the publication profitable.  One of my passions has always been journalism and this opportunity gave me the capability to pursue a passion, assist in providing financially for my family, and creating jobs for local individuals.  None of this would have been possible without the assistance of some great people along the way.  I truly feel like I have been blessed beyond what I deserve. 

Though many men and women have provided important contributions to the community association industry, our November issue will highlight and give attention to just a few of the women who have contributed so much to the community association industry in Florida.  Like myself, most of these women have stumbled, fallen down, and picked themselves up again as they have trekked their road to success. Our profiles consist of community association managers, attorneys, management company owners, business owners, educators, and bankers, to name a few of the professions represented within this industry.   Many of these ladies have juggled careers along with being wives and mothers and have organizined their schedules to meet the schedules of their children, parents, and spouses.  As you read this issue and thumb through the pages that are before you, please help me say thank you and pay tribute to not only these women, but all ladies who give back so much of themselves for the good of the community association industry.    

Charlene Yarbrough