Journal Notes—November 2018

Journal Notes—November 2018

by Dana Johns, Publisher / Published November 2018

     November typically finds all Americans celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully, our readers have been blessed in one way or another with good families, friends, a free nation, jobs, food, shelter, etc., and are thankful for these things.

     It is fitting that in this Thanksgiving month, we are celebrating our third annual “Women of the Industry” issue. On a personal note, the person that I am particularly thankful for is the former publisher of the Florida Community Association Journal, my mother, Charlene Yarbrough. Although she is not featured, she is clearly a woman of distinction. She began publishing FLCAJ more than 18 years ago and transformed, it with the help of many other people, into what it is today. At the same time, she was serving as publisher of another magazine, a fabulous mom, wife, grandma, cook, decorator, Christian servant, and a best friend. How she wore so many hats amazes me, but that is undoubtedly what she and the featured Women of the Industry do on a daily basis.

     Today’s women are responsible for much of our nation’s success as well as the successes of the many businesses and organizations that they are a part of. It is likely that you know or recognize some of the women who are profiled in this issue. These are women who continue to positively influence the community association industry in Florida. I want to encourage you to thank, not only these professionals, but also all of the women that strive to serve this industry and make a lasting impact for the good of all community associations across the state of Florida.

     In addition to recognizing these professional women, this issue contains the second part of the series titled “Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct, Role, Responsibilities, and Governance.” In this segment, Marcy Kravit describes the role of each responsible agent in the community association. It begs the question, “How can an organization or team be successful if those involved do not know their respective roles and responsibilities?”

     On another note, we are excited that so many CAMs have contacted FCAP about the CFCAM educational program that was completely updated these past several months. Please contact the FCAP office at (800) 443-3433 for details.

     Finally, I am thankful for assuming my new role as Publisher for the FLCAJ along with my husband, Richard Johns. We have been associated with both the magazine and FCAP for many years, and we are excited to help guide the magazine and organization in future years.