Journal Notes—November 2022

Journal Notes

by Kendraya Dewberry, FCAP Coordinator / Published November 2022

     This November seems to be filled with much more hope and optimism than the previous few years. Although Florida experienced an incredibly life-changing disaster with the impact of Hurricane Ian, there is hope and strength in continuing to recover and rebuild each day. FLCAJ genuinely extends our thoughts, prayers, and empathy to all Floridians affected by Hurricane Ian.

     We are also taking the opportunity this month to celebrate and highlight “Women Making a Difference” within Florida’s community association industry. It is vital to recognize, praise, respect, and encourage the women making such an incredible and sometimes unacknowledged impact within your communities and the industry. These astounding women make endless sacrifices and exhibit notable dedication to the successes in their communities while doing their best to create a healthy work-life balance. Without a doubt, these women play a key role in restoring and rebuilding Florida.

     To read about the individual women being recognized for their continued leadership and excellence, please continue to page eight of this issue. As a new member of the FLCAJ team, I want to express the honor and gratitude that I feel in being a woman in this industry and strive to make a positive, enduring impact through my work each day.

     Additional articles in November cover electronic voting in community associations, successfully navigating the budget season, obtaining a new security system, and the ins and outs of structural integrity reserve studies. You can also learn more through the various legal topics discussed in this issue. 

     We appreciate your feedback to the Journal and encourage you to share your thoughts with us after reading each month.

     Everyone at FLCAJ is grateful for you, our readers, and the consistent support that you show us. We can’t thank you enough, and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Kendraya Dewberry
FCAP Coordinator