Journal Notes – October 2015

Journal Notes—October 2015

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published October 2015

    Welcome Back Snowbirds!
    With the leaves changing colors and the air becoming crisper, it is time for the snowbirds to return to their Florida abodes. When you are absent from a place for five or more months, there are a lot of changes that can take place, and it can be hard to know where to start. Therefore, FLCAJ decided to reach out to the service providers that fill these pages and asked them to supply their sage counsel on what you need to know that has changed while you were away.

    The results can be read in the article, Welcome Back Snowbirds! Helpful Advice Ahead. Donna Berger of Becker & Poliakoff talks about the legislative changes that allow for online voting and what that means for board members, managers, association attorneys, and members. Ben Solomon with Association Law Group highlights the important issue for community association managers in avoiding the unauthorized practice of law. Scott Harvey-Lewis of The Falcon Group lets community residents know about the new building code and how it will affect capital improvement projects. Alvaro Mendoza with Commercial Energy Specialists (CES) points to the steps a community needs to take to winterize their pool. These are only a few samples of the helpful advice offered throughout this important article, and it would behoove you to read the entire article.

    In addition, this October issue is focused on keeping your community as safe and secure as possible. Elizabeth Bessette of Envera System details in her article, Resolving Security Concerns at Neighborhood Amenities, how one community gained greater protection of their amenities from non-residents through improved security technology, and, at the same time, freed up their manager to manage and not spend all his time looking through security footage. In a similar vein, Angela Timmons with Ramco Protective points out in her article, Regain Control—Secure Your Community’s Amenities, how a combination of technology (cameras) and roving patrols can bring greater security. Tom Harman with Everglades Security notes in his article, Security Officer Touring Systems and HOAs, how technology has improved a community’s ability to get a real-time report of how the security officer is spending his time complete with photos and videos.

    So whether it’s catching up with changes in Florida during the summer months or implementing procedures to better secure your community, this issue has much to read and digest.