Journal Notes—October 2016

Welcome Back, Snowbirds!

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published October 2016

With the leaves changing colors and the air becoming crisper, it is time for the snowbirds to return to their Florida abodes. When you are absent from a place for five or more months, there are a lot of changes that can take place, and it can be hard to know where to start. Therefore, FLCAJ decided to reach out to the service providers that fill these pages and asked them to supply their sage counsel on what you might need to know as you return to your second home after an extended time away.

The results can be read in the article on page 8, “Welcome Back, Snowbirds! Here’s Some Advice.” A survey of the topics addressed in this section shows a wide range of items that need to be considered. From fiber optics technology to roadways, from garbage chutes to parking garage restoration, from water waste reduction to pool winterization and many additional, important pieces of advice, there is much to learn and implement.

In addition, this October issue is focused on keeping your community as safe and secure as possible. Crystal Clark of Envera System details in her article, “Controlling Entry to Maintain Security in a Gated Community,” how one community gained greater protection of their premises through utilization of a trio of security solutions that protects their pool and entry gates. Michael Hough with GNM Hough points out in his article, “Is Access to Your Gated Community or Parking Garage Really Secure,” how important it is for communities to control access to their communities and its amenities by limiting former residents from entering their old community. Often they have this continued access even after leaving the community due to a portable transmitter that is not de-activated when they move. To combat this, Hough recommends that communities “install an integrated long-range reader or bar code reader system into the existing access control system,” which will allow for a simple de-activation of those who move out of the community.

So whether it’s catching up with changes in Florida while you were away or implementing procedures to better secure your community, this issue has much to learn about and take action on.



Correction: In September’s FCAP’s Service Provider Directory on page 45, the incorrect physical address and phone number were listed for Florida CAM Schools (listed under Education heading). The correct address is 2501 W. Main St. #108, Leesburg, FL 34748 and the correct phone number is (352) 326-8365.