Journal Notes—October 2018

Journal Notes—October 2018

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published October 2018

     With the leaves starting to change colors and the air becoming crisper, it is time for the snowbirds to return to their Florida homes and communities. When you are absent from a place for five or more months, there are a lot of changes that can take place, and it can be hard to know where to start. Therefore, FLCAJ decided to reach out to the service providers that fill these pages and asked them to supply their best practices on what you need to know as you return to your second home from an extended time away. The results can be read in the article “Welcome Back, Snowbirds!” on page 6.

     Brie Peterson of Envera Systems has penned the article “How Can Communities Stop Vandalism?” It can be read on page 30. Peterson talks about the importance of access control security, which should be utilized at many of the community amenities. However, access control won’t keep out everyone, so it is important to add video surveillance which can track people. With two-way voice capabilities, then one can voice down to the person to vacate the area.

     David T. Podein of Haber Slade writes on the “thorny legal issues” of medical marijuana and community association life on page 56. The main concern is how to handle a situation where one resident has been prescribed medical marijuana, but the smoke is bothering residents in the surrounding units. Podein notes, “The association is allowed to enact and enforce rules that promote the peaceful enjoyment and collective interest of the residents.” Another issue to address is medical marijuana use by the community’s employees and/or building staff.

     Finally, it has been a year since Hurricane Irma hit Florida. While writing this editor’s note in mid-September, the Carolinas are awaiting to see what kind of impact Hurricane Florence will have on their states. As Floridians who are still undergoing the recovery process from a hurricane, please extend a hand and reach out to help North and South Carolinians get back on their feet.