Journal Notes — October 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published October 2022

     It’s that time of year again. Interstates 4, 75, and 95 are seeing an increase in the amount of traffic headed southbound. If you look up, the skies are also filled with the contrails of planes making the trek to Florida. What is going on? The snowbirds have returned from the north to roost in the warmer climates of Florida. 

     Turn to page 8 to read “Snowbirds Drive South.” The service providers have taken time to highlight important legislation that passed over the summer that will lead to operational and financial changes in many condominium and cooperative associations. Furthermore, they provide practical advice on the steps to take to make sure owners’ units are in top-notch shape.

     On page 26 Jeffrey Rembaum with Kaye Bender Rembaum warns of the risks involved when a condominium unit owner hasn’t purchased insurance for his or her unit. The reality is that unit owners need to have an HO-6 insurance policy. In Rembaum’s own words “…owning a condominium unit and not having purchased insurance is similar to taking a rowboat out on a rough sea day without life preservers.”

     Turn to page 30 to read Robyn Severs’s article for Becker. She provides several tips and best practices in residents’ return to their Florida homes. Among the many recommendations are inspecting the property to make a checklist of items that need to be repaired or cleaning as well as running sprinklers to make sure they all work and removing any plants that were killed by summer heat.

     On page 36 Larry Moskowitz of Larry Moskowitz PA provides a cautionary note when considering the purchase of a surplus lines insurance policy. He lists four areas associations should scrutinize when purchasing their insurance policy.

     When you turn to page 40, you will see that Laura Manning-Hudson with Siegfried Rivera has provided what it takes to maintain effective association recordkeeping. The rule of thumb is to keep the meeting minutes thorough but concise. 

     On page 44 Michael Gelfand with Gelfand & Arpe addresses issues brought up by digital contracts and how important it is for associations to read all the terms of a contract. He also discusses a legal decision that came about from a potential visitor to Walt Disney World filing a disability discrimination lawsuit. The point being made is that associations that provide public accommodation need to anticipate issues that may arise.

     FLCAJ hopes that your time in Florida is wonderful!