Journal Notes—October 2023

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published October 2023

     October has arrived in Florida. Restaurants are crowded, more traffic is out on the roads, the community is abuzz with the sounds of neighbors catching up on life and paddles thwacking that hollow plastic ball used in pickleball. The condominium unit that has been vacant for the last five months is a hive of activity. What is going on? Those denizens of the north for the last five or six months, snowbirds, have returned to enjoy the warmer climate.  They will give a boost to the local economy and keep the social committee hopping. Welcome back, snowbirds! We’re glad to see you back home in Florida.

     Turn to page 8 to read “Snowbirds—They’re Back.” The service providers have taken time to highlight important legislation that passed over the summer that will lead to operational and financial changes in many condominium and cooperative associations. Furthermore, they provide practical advice on the steps to take to make sure owners’ units, environs, and furnishings are in tip-top shape.

     On page 28 Tara Galloway with Sentry Management asks, how can board members work to proactively address rising costs while considering the unique needs of snowbirds? She answers: budget wisely, review insurance coverage, encourage participation, and consider all perspectives.

     Turn to page 32 to read the interview by Nathan Varn with Envera Systems of two home watch industry professionals. Snowbirds spend months away from their Florida residences, and home watch professionals can help relieve stress and pressure of what’s going on at your home while you are away.

     On page 46 Suzanne Ganier writes as a recovering attorney on why it’s a good idea to adopt professional standards for public adjusters, who provide a valuable service to homeowners. She offers three suggestions for removing the incentive for public adjusters to inflate damage estimates. 

     FLCAJ hopes that both the snowbirds and year-round residents have a great October.