Journal Notes—September 2017

Journal Notes—September 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published September 2017

This September issue features the Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) Directory. What is FCAP and what does the FCAP Directory contain, you may be asking? I’m so glad you asked, and I am happy to provide you with answers to both questions.

FCAP is the only statewide member organization dedicated to serving the community association industry. It serves the industry by training and equipping community association professionals with up-to-date educational materials. Training is offered in the form of “CEUs From Home” or the more rigorous Florida Advanced CAM Studies (FACS) course. To learn more about the courses and what FCAP has to offer, turn to page 8.

The FCAP Directory lists the service provider members under a main service category with their contact information for easy follow-up.  The Directory also contains the titles of all the CEUs available, the eight modules available for FACS, and the names of the individuals and companies who contributed to the CEUs and FACS course. There is a plethora of useful information provided.

Also in this issue is Delta Engineering’s article “Roof Coatings: A Viable Option?” on page 34. The article details why a roof coating might be a good choice and less expensive than a re-roofing project. The article also explains the purpose of a roof coating, what it can and cannot do, and how to evaluate if your community’s roof needs a roof coating or if it needs something more.

Donna Berger, Esq., with Becker & Poliakoff addresses an important and volatile issue in her article “Tackling Fraudulent Emotional Support Animals” on page 50. As Berger notes, these false claims for ESAs hurt everyone, and Becker and Poliakoff intend to address this issue in 2018. She states, “Frankly, ESA abuse makes a mockery of the spirit and intent of the Fair Housing laws, and the legislative reforms we are seeking are intended to protect the rights of the handicapped and preserve the integrity of the Fair Housing laws.”

FLCAJ wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day, and we would love to hear from you.