Journal Notes—September 2023

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published September 2023

     The summer of 2023 is in the rearview mirror. As you read this, kids will have returned to school studies and school activities, Labor Day will have been observed, and Florida will be about a month out from welcoming back their snowbirds. The point is, life is moving forward, and by necessity we must move with it.

     For this reason, FLCAJ is excited to move forward with the 2023 Florida Community Association Professionals’ (FCAP) Service Provider Directory. On page 34 the FCAP Service Provider Directory explains the benefits for managers, service providers, and board members. Managers can access 31 DBPR-approved one-hour CEU courses. Furthermore, CAMs can pursue the advanced Certified Florida Community Association Manager (CFCAM) designation to grow their management knowledge and skills. The CFCAM program just completed a recent update to all the modules. To learn more, visit

      Service providers have the opportunity to promote brand awareness by displaying their company logo on the pages of FCAP Community, which is printed every month in the pages of FLCAJ. We also have opportunities to highlight member companies. For further details, visit

     Board members are given access to FCAP’s online board certification class and the FLCAJ Resource Library, which offers online access through a searchable knowledge tool to past articles covering a variety of issues. For more information, visit

     On page 8 Mark Friedman with Becker helps readers to better understand what a loan means for an association and whose responsibility it is to repay it.

     Turn to page 12 to find out from Jeffrey Rembaum at Kaye Bender Rembaum about the fiduciary duty a board member owes to his or her association.

     On page 22 Roxana Dorigo with KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING addresses how community boards should use experts to navigate a complex budgeting cycle.

     On page 26 Justin Reviczky with Element Service Solutions shares several takeaways from an exterior renovation project.

     Flip over to page 78 to read the article by Jonathan Brinkman with GateArms+ on how safety lights on your gates can protect both residents’ vehicles and the community’s gates from costly damages.

     FLCAJ wishes you a Happy Labor Day and trusts you will have a great time celebrating the day with friends and family.