Landscaping Is Like Artwork

Landscaping Is Like Artwork

By Tara Tallaksen / Published September 2022

Landscaping is like artwork; each homeowner’s yard has the power to show unique and beautiful expressions. The act of landscaping can be defined as maintaining the environment around one’s house to keep everything neat and lively. It’s important to maintain your yard, as it can enhance the quality of life in nature as well as your property’s aesthetics. For example, consistent landscaping can help improve the nature of wildlife. As for property aesthetics, having an organized yard can provide your home with the unique beautification to make it stand out, which in turn can increase your property value. 

     At Vesta, we understand how important landscaping is to homeowners. Here are a few practice tips to manage your yard today:

     Irrigation is one of the most important practices for maintaining your yard. In fact, more yards are damaged through improper irrigation than any other landscaping factor. Overwatering can immensely harm your grass as it uproots the plant, causing it to grow in unstable soil conditions. In order for grass to be healthy and thriving, it needs to have deep roots within the soil. Instead of watering your grass every day, try to observe your grass for specific signs of dehydration. The most common signs to look for can be discoloration, blade deformation, or visible imprints. 

     Allowing for observation can help your landscaping significantly by allowing your grass to have time to develop strong roots and intake the proper nutrients before being watered. If you have sprinklers, try to irrigate your lawn around sunrise. This will give the grass a sufficient amount of time to dry throughout the day to increase its immune system. Grass needs time to dry off from irrigation to decrease pollutants and diseases. 

     An additional landscaping management practice to implement is fertilization. Plant fertilizer is beneficial to lawn health as it nourishes the grass with many nutrients and helps protect against weed growth. However, it’s crucial to read the instructions on the bag to truly comprehend the correct amount needed. Applying an excessive amount of fertilizer can ultimately damage your lawn through pollution. Also, the seasons can play an influential part in fertilization. For instance, in northeast and central areas of Florida, the best time to fertilize lawns is during the warmer months. In South Florida, optimal fertilization periods can be year-round due to the consistent warmer weather.

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     Mowing is another great practice for landscaping. Just as we get our hair cut to maintain healthy hair, grass needs to be trimmed consistently in order to be healthy and hardy. (It can also save you money in the long run). Mowing can prevent your grass from being overgrown, which can save you money on purchasing extra tools as well as save you valuable time. Aside from that, cutting your grass can help improve air quality around your property.

     It’s not unusual for lawns to host debris and other pollutants. With mowing, you can minimize these potentially harmful factors by keeping your grass cut and healthy. Also, when a lawn is cut, it stays significantly cooler in temperature, which helps protect surrounding areas from the scorching summer heat. Regarding Florida’s weather, it should be advised that homeowners should not mow their lawns when it’s wet as this can hinder the blades of the machinery, causing it to be ineffective. 

     Overall, landscaping is very important as it has many benefits. It can help enhance the wildlife through lively plant growth and greenery. Your healthy lawn can then bloom to become vibrant, making your property even more beautiful. The great aspect of landscaping is that homeowners can do it any way they desire (within HOA guidelines). You can plant flowers and trees, and decorate with painted pots and even fountains! In a way, homeowners are like artists, and the yard is their canvas. 

     At Vesta, we like to inform our residents on the best property management strategies, which is why we wanted to share the most effective landscaping management practices of irrigation, fertilization, and mowing. Happy gardening, everyone!

Tara Tallaksen

Marketing and Sales Assistant, Vesta Property Services

     Tara Tallaksen is the marketing and sales assistant at Vesta Property Services. She started working for Vesta in amenities as a lifeguard supervisor for about a year before transitioning into her corporate office position. Tara graduated from the University of Florida with her bachelor’s degree. She enjoys exercising and is a certified personal trainer. She plans on continuing her career in marketing and is always willing to learn more about the field. Vesta’s great career opportunities, team support, and diverse trainings can help Tara achieve her professional and personal goals. For more information on Vesta Property Services, email, call (877) 988-3782, or visit