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Management Companies

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Published Jul 2015


Management companies play a vital role in community association living. They provide important services in finances, maintenance, collections, recordkeeping, bookkeeping, and much more. Below are profiles for 12 management companies devoted to providing excellent service to their communities. Please visit their websites to learn more about them and see how they can partner with your community.

Aegis Community Management Solutions

Your community is far more than a collection of houses. Communities are families, friends, and neighbors. Vibrant and successful communities enjoy engaged and informed homeowners, equitable governance policies, prudent financial operations, and well-counseled board members who are free to focus on their role of leadership.

A family-owned local business, Aegis consists of a hard-working team of dedicated community managers, in-house accountants, closing and collection agents, maintenance, and administrative staff who deliver the innovative and specialized care your community desires. It is Aegis’s philosophy that a truly productive relationship with a client partner is built first on the fundamental principles of uncompromising integrity, and then by offering acutely, experienced guidance and innovative, professional management service. Aegis Community Management is your resource for creating and enhancing a positive homeownership experience for both the board of directors and the members of the community. To learn more, visit

AKAM On-Site, Inc.

AKAM On-Site manages client communities as if they lived in them. With attention to every detail, AKAM brings a rare combination of industry knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility to every association they manage, from Fisher Island to West Palm Beach. AKAM delivers full-service association management that excels in the areas of finance, preventive and ongoing maintenance, staff supervision, compliance, recordkeeping, back office, and interaction with other professionals.

    Since 1983, the AKAM name has been recognized as a leader and innovator in the residential management industry. AKAM’s clients benefit from their many years of experience assigning and supervising the most qualified management personnel. This hands-on approach enables them to manage every situation, from typical day-to-day issues to extraordinary events, with exceptional skill and confidence. Their vision has been to build an organization that will last for generations and carry on the values of integrity, innovation, and highly proactive and responsive client service.
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Castle Group

Castle Group is Florida’s choice for community management, specializing in serving the finest condominium and homeowner associations throughout the state. Our philosophy is an unwavering focus on the resident experience; at Castle we call it Royal Service℠. Castle is owned by CPAs that oversee a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology. Since no two properties are identical, we have created a menu of services that allows our customers to create a solution that fits their needs. We do not manage an exceptional number of communities, just a number of exceptional ones.
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Elite Property Management Services

Elite Property Management Services is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our company and services. Our team of certified managers, assistant managers, and administrators are dedicated to providing the highest quality service while catering to the unique needs of each individual community. We offer complete servicing in administration, financial management through David Ormiston, CPA, and property maintenance and have implemented the latest technological advances in the management industry. We work with a team of attorneys that help solve the complex issues presented in today’s communities. When you select Elite Property Management Services, you select an entire team that is dedicated to serving the needs of your association.
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FPMC Management Corp..

FPMC Management services communities, which larger management companies have no interest in servicing, as their size does not allow for the profits demanded by larger management companies. FPMC believes smaller, “boutique” associations have as much need for professional and quality management as the larger communities, but at a reasonable cost. When a partnership is formed with a community, they receive our total commitment for professional, friendly, and quality management.

FPMC offers the same services offered by larger management companies to larger communities. The difference is that FPMC does not carry the high overhead thus causing higher management fees for communities. FPMC prides itself on quick turn-around for any issue of concern to a board. FPMC caters to “boutique” associations realizing that time is of the essence, and we therefore strive to complete all tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us at (855) 981-7702.
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Grs Management Associates

GRS Management Associates is a full-service property management company that cares for your community and has been delivering best-in-class property management, financial management, and administrative services for more than 25 years. Their commitment to professionalism, personalized service, and enhancing the value of your community sets them apart from the competition. They focus on providing an unmatched level of customer service by utilizing in-house technology, local expertise, and a proactive approach to serving the communities they manage. Their reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality transcends typical business/client relationships.

With their cutting-edge online management system, gVault, you can say goodbye to the days of overwhelming filing cabinets, lost documents, and never-ending paper trails. gVault Online Property Management Solution enables you to securely manage all your property’s document needs from anywhere you have an internet connection, with maximum efficiency. Call us at (800) 568-4081.
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Lang Management

You chose the perfect place to live because it reflects your lifestyle. Shouldn’t your property management company protect your investment? Lang Management was founded on this very premise. Our mission is to create a better lifestyle for our clients by providing them with exceptional management and maintenance services by utilizing a team approach to problem solving and providing innovative solutions.

For 35 years, we have been providing comprehensive property management services. Our knowledge, dedication, tenured staff, and state-of-the-art technology has made a significant impact in the property management profession. We are privileged to manage the finest communities along the gold coast!

With portfolios ranging from a community of six homes to more than 5,000 units, Lang Management adapts to your needs to include property management or accounting services only, or customized optional services including landscape maintenance, pest control (exterior/interior), property maintenance, and janitorial services. Call us at (561)
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LJ Services Group

Since 2000, as specialists in the management of community homeowners associations, LJ Services Group has been providing the highest quality service while catering to the unique needs of each individual community. They offer complete servicing in administration, financial management, and property maintenance and have implemented the latest technological advances in the management industry to solve the complex issues presented in today’s communities.

LJ Services Group’s goal is to guide the association board of directors in maintaining the beauty and value of the association and protect every homeowner’s investment. Your management team will design
a customized program that also works to enhance communication and create a true sense of community for your neighborhood.

When you select LJ Services Group, you select an entire team that is dedicated to serving the needs of your association. Call us at (305) 531-2090.
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Property Management Resources, Inc.

Property Management Resources, Inc. has been managing properties on both coasts of Florida since 1974. Currently, we manage 38 communities representing more than 8,000 residential units. These communities vary in size from 42 homes to our largest community of 1,120 units that is governed by a master association. In our concept, good association management needs to accomplish certain objectives. The two objectives we target are: (A) to maintain and improve the value of the property, and (B) to provide the professional skills to assist the board in carrying out their fiduciary responsibility. We accomplish these goals by employing and training highly motivated, skilled, and professional individuals as managers. Our managers assist in conducting meetings, sending out necessary mailings, running elections, obtaining bids, and advising the board of all statutory requirements. In carrying out the board’s fiduciary responsibility, we have support staff that emphasizes an immediate response time.
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RealManage, one of the fastest growing community management companies in the U.S., is proud to provide exceptional management services to hundreds of community associations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington. We are privileged to serve some of the finest communities, including those as diverse
as small, oceanfront condominiums to large, master-planned communities with several thousand homes to age-restricted retirement communities. Our unique capabilities include a bundle of services that are all fully integrated into our best people, best practices, and best technology approach to man-
aging communities on behalf of our valued clients.
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Sentry Management

Sentry Management celebrates 40 years of exclusively managing communities, homeowner associations, and condominiums. With 13 Florida offices, Sentry is one of the largest and the most professional community association management companies in the state. Sentry maintains the prestigious Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) designation—an assurance of expert financial systems. Integrity and transparency are part of our DNA.
    Sentry Management is the “firm of choice” for associations because:

    • We utilize CommunityPro® technology, from the password-protected PORTAL for all homeowners to the BOARD ROOM for board members.
    • We’re driven by details, meeting official requirements, and keeping close track of every financial item.
    • We provide every association a neighborhood team ready to provide top-rate local support, with the benefit of an industry-leading back office with unmatched expertise.
    • We are dedicated to keeping the board informed. It is our promise. Members of the board can count on timely and accurate responses.

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Towers Property Management

Towers Property Management is owned by Benjamin Isip, CMCA, AMS, and President; and Emily Towers Isip, CMCA, AMS, and Vice President. We serve associations in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties. We provide full-service management for homeowner associations, condominiums, and townhome communities. For the self-managed community, we offer bookkeeping services. We believe that every community deserves professional management, if they desire it, regardless of the community’s size. Our mission is to provide our association clients with professional, personal customer service; experience and access to resources; and the support needed to help them reach their strategic goals. Our goal is to provide personal service beyond expectations in a climate of excellence and quality.
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