Manager’s Toolbox

Manager’s Toolbox

Published May 2017


Protecting Your Landscaping During Road Work

By Chris Evers

Residents and property managers alike cringe at the thought of their community’s beautiful landscaping being damaged during a road project.  It’s one of the most frequent concerns raised during pre-construction meetings.  A quality contractor will share your concern and make certain your meticulously maintained landscapes are not adversely impacted during road projects.  The good news is most asphaltic products don’t do any permanent damage to plant material.  In fact, for a long time some state departments of transportation actually allowed a diluted asphalt emulsion to be sprayed on the shoulder of state roads to promote grass growth for erosion control.  Keep two things in mind: (1) Make sure your contractor is using an environmentally friendly asphaltic product. (2) Whether you are resurfacing your roads or seal coating them, caution your contractor to avoid overspraying the tack coat or seal coat emulsion onto the adjacent landscapes.  In other words: “If it goes on the road, keep it on the road!”

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Florida Has Two Aquatic Seasons

By Carole Inman

There are basically two aquatic seasons in Florida, wet and dry. We are entering the wet season that runs from May through October. By now, everyone is wanting rain for the ponds, plants, and fish.

When the rains come, seeds and plants that have been dormant will spring to life. As the water levels rise, you will have wanted and unwanted vegetation growing. That is why you have need of an aquatic company that knows which plants to spray and which should be allowed to thrive because they are beneficial to the pond.

You will also have water runoff from streets and fertilized grass that can bring unwanted nutrients into the pond and encourage fast growth. That is why it is highly recommended that no one fertilize within 10 feet of a pond. Every waterway is different, even in the wet season, and your aquatic company will know what to do.

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