Navigating the Broadband Provider Selection Process

Navigating the Broadband Provider Selection Process

By Ramona Smith / Published January 2023

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Navigating the broadband provider selection process can be challenging. Finding the service solution for a community is one of the most important tasks a board undertakes. How can an association set themselves up for success as they embark on that journey? 

     They can achieve success by putting together a series of strong, frequently asked questions that they can use when speaking to and assessing potential vendors. Having these FAQs prepared as well as a glossary with common industry terms will ensure everyone involved feels equipped to take on this project!

     Below you’ll see a series of questions and glossary terms to help kickstart the process. 



  • Can the company provide the sustained download/upload speeds that would be contracted for residents as part of the agreement?
  • Are the internet speeds symmetrical?
  • Do you provide residents with a dual-band WiFi router and managed in-home WiFi that includes network security?
  • Do you provide whole-home WiFi service?
  • What average size unit will the WiFi cover?
  • What internet speed is provided? What are the costs of higher internet speeds?
  • Are internet speeds contractually guaranteed?


  • What is the pricing for local, long distance, and international calling plans?
  • What phone calling features are included?


  • Provide your company’s complete channel lineup and specify any provider-supplied equipment (and its cost) required to enable viewing.
  • Describe all equipment (i.e., set-top boxes) as well as type and quantity needed by individual residents to support the bulk video service delivery.
  • Describe the entertainment features including On Demand, DVR, use with other platforms like Firestick, and viewing on other devices.
  • Describe remote access (away from home) to the bulk video service. Identify requisite apps, equipment, and company support.
  • Is there a DVR capability, how many simultaneous recordings, what capacity?
  • Is a community channel provided? How is content created?
  • Is voice capability available on the HD unit remote? Can the TV specific controls be synched, i.e., power, volume, etc.?


RFP (Request for Proposal)

     A formal document that outlines an organization’s intent to purchase a good or service. The buyer issues the RFP to provide background information to potential vendors.

Fiber (Fiber-optic Cable)

     A flexible cable made of glass that transmits data as pulses of light. A fiber infrastructure provides fast, reliable, and secure internet service.

Network Hub

     A major connection point in the fiber-optic network such as a data center.

Distribution Hub

     An enclosure that provides the connection for fiber-optic cables to the homes in a community.

Redundant Circuit

     Multiple network routes are created as a safety net. If one goes down, the other picks up the signal without any interruption of service.


     Data that is downloaded from the internet to your device like watching videos or playing games.


     Data that is uploaded from your device to the internet. Upload speeds matter for activities like posting on Facebook and video conferencing like Zoom.

Symmetrical Internet

     An internet connection that offers the same download and upload speeds.

Dual-Band WiFi Router

     Equipment that allows you to transmit and receive data using both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, which is better for gaming and streaming.

Total-Home WiFi

     The ability to monitor your home internet that includes automated network health check, security, and controls via an app.

Internet Pod Technology

     Access points that connect to your home internet to provide coverage throughout the entire home.

     Finding the right telecom service provider for a community can be overwhelming. For additional resources to help you get started or for more about our fiber offerings, please visit

Ramona Smith

Director of Community Development, Blue Stream Fiber

     Ramona Smith is director of community development for Blue Stream Fiber. She has a wealth of knowledge in the telecommunications industry, having previously worked for Comcast and AT&T. During her tenure she has worked very closely with hundreds of homeowners and condominium association boards, property management companies, and developers. Her extensive experience has given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges that associations face and how to come up with custom solutions that work for communities of all sizes.  For more information, contact, call 813-853-4637, or visit