New Faces—True Property Inspections

New Faces

True Property Inspections

Published May 2022

Editor’s Note: Florida Community Association Journal would like to introduce a new advertising partner.

True Property Inspections

A True Group Company
4800 Wofford Lane 
Orlando, Florida 32810

Company Principals

  • Jim Ilardi, Owner and Chief Executive Officer
  • Barbara Ilardi, Chief Administration Officer
  • Bryan Ritchings, Chief Operations Officer

     True Property Inspections (TPI) is a new division of True Group, a roofing and contracting business that has been serving Central Florida since 1958. The creation of TPI allows us to utilize our extensive water intrusion and reconstruction experience to provide thorough preventative inspections and maintenance reports, both of which have been an integral part of our service for decades. 

     Our years of experience and high-tech inspection tools allow us to unobtrusively see inside the building envelope to catch problems before they are visible and costly. With a focus on preventative efforts, we work with Florida COAs and HOAs to successfully maintain or identify and fix problems to extend the life of buildings.

     Under the leadership of Jim Ilardi, it is our shared mission to serve customers in a way that restores their faith in quality craftsmanship, outstanding work, and customer satisfaction. 

     Jim has been a passionate advocate for accountability and integrity in the water intrusion and reconstruction industry for more than 17 years. He founded True Group to bring those ideals to the contracting and roofing service business in Central Florida and now created a dedicated practice for inspections—True Property Inspections.

     True Property Inspections is a full-service inspection provider offering services designed to proactively identify maintenance problems before they become costly structural defects.

     Our preventative inspections utilize high-tech drone-powered tools to quickly and accurately assess the property in a non-intrusive way. The findings, combined with our years of experience, enable us to deliver a clear and actionable inspection report, separating manageable maintenance issues from larger issues that require further attention.

     After one inspection, you will have the information needed to take preventative steps, avoid costly structural repairs, and ensure your property is fully waterproofed. 

     Our preventative inspections include the following:

  • High-tech inspection equipment
  • Full scope of repairs
  • In-depth maintenance report
  • Guidance on how to manage reserves and assessment dues
  • Educational support for COAs and HOAs

     We’ve been serving the Central Florida market since 1958 and understand the unique challenges faced by COAs and HOAs. In addition to our signature service that includes a dedicated project manager, high-tech equipment, and years of expertise, you can rely on us to provide peace of mind for your residents as well as protection against potentially costly structural issues. 

     For more information, call (407) 395-4144 or visit