Publisher’s Notes—March 2022

Publisher’s Notes

by Richard Johns, Publisher / Published March 2022

     I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to our service providers, community association managers, and boards of directors. As we celebrate the 35th year publishing the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ), we realize that none of this would be possible without all the great support that all of you have provided. 

     Each month readers receive a magazine with photos and text made possible by a multitude of individuals, organizations, and companies. I am excited that this month’s issue is the largest publication that has ever been printed in the 35-year history of FLCAJ at 184 pages, of which 112 pages comprise our special Readers’ Choice Awards section where service providers are given the opportunity to say “thank you” for community association support of their services. The remaining 72 pages comprise our regular monthly educational articles, which are designed to further your knowledge as you manage and oversee your respective community association.

     As a managing partner of True Source Publishing, the business that publishes FLCAJ, I really don’t believe publisher is a correct term for my title. I believe a more appropriate title might be caretaker as I feel like this publication doesn’t truly belong to me but to all the individuals in the Florida community association industry. I mention this because there are so many individuals involved in the monthly process of publishing FLCAJ that there is not enough room within this column to give appropriate credits. So, when you pick up this month’s issue of FLCAJ, whether you are a board member, a CAM, a service provider, or one of our writers, you play a part in making the publication an important educational tool for the industry! I can only say, “Thank you, everyone!”

     As you open this issue, I encourage you to put your phone away, cut the television off, or turn the radio down, and close your office door, go sit out on your balcony, or find a quiet place where you can reflect on your impact to the community association you serve. If you are a manager, then you know the unique and difficult challenges of your position. If you are a board member, how can you serve your community better? If you are a service provider, how can you improve your services to your clients?

     Enjoy what our staff has come to call “the beast,” the 184-page March edition of FLCAJ.