Publisher’s Notes—March 2024

Publisher’s Notes

by Richard Johns, Publisher / Published March 2024

     For over 35 years Florida’s community association managers and boards have faithfully turned to our monthly publication, recognizing it as one of the most trusted sources of quality information for this industry. Our contributors, who also serve as your service providers, play a vital role in providing educational articles and information that help in establishing optimal community associations. As community leaders you understand that expertise alone is not enough—service providers need an extensive understanding of how Florida community associations operate. Their ability to deliver products or services to your community is equally important. These critical considerations, among others, play a key role in selecting a new service provider for your community.

     Once again, in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards issue, we celebrate those service providers who exceed expectations in Florida’s community association industry. As always, YOU nominated, YOU voted, and YOU determined which service providers deserved recognition. Thank you for spotlighting these outstanding companies. Whether you are a manager or a board member, you would likely agree that having a qualified and trusted service provider that works diligently with your association makes a significant difference in the success of your management of the association. Your vote is greatly appreciated!

     To the service providers who received an RCA award, congratulations! Your achievement is a testament to the respect and appreciation community associations have for your contributions to this industry.  As Florida continues to grow, the demand for reputable companies, like this year’s winners, remains high.

     Lastly, I urge you to carefully review this year’s winners of the 2024 Readers’ Choice Awards program. These are not inexperienced businesses seeking a quick buck or two; they are proven entities with solid track records. Take note and encourage your community to consider these “winners” when selecting the next service provider for a community project or service.

All the best,