Publisher’s Notes—November 2021

Publisher’s Notes – November 2021

by Dana Johns, Publisher / Published November 2021

     It is astonishing and sad in many ways how much things have changed in the past few years. COVID-19 alone has rocked our world. It has affected how we work, socialize, conduct business, live, and communicate. Some people have become more isolated, angry, and unsure of themselves. It seems just natural these days to have a ho-hum attitude, but let us not fall into that mindset and be bogged down. Truly, there is much to be thankful for, including our loved ones, friends, and those folks who inspire us daily to be the best we can be. 

     This month we are highlighting just a few of the thousands of women in the Florida community association industry who do just that. These women make a difference. They have taken the initiative to be pacesetters during challenging times and inspire others to look for ways to overcome obstacles with amazing results. They wear many different hats as motivators, team builders, project coordinators, and organizers, to name a few of their roles. They work long hours and tackle projects head on while settling for nothing less than success. Let us be thankful and motivated by these women who get up every day and make such a positive impact on our world and our communities.

     In this issue, I hope you will enjoy reading about such women. The article starts on page eight, and each of these profiles gives us a small glimpse into what these women accomplish. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, if you know such a “woman making a difference,” I hope that you will stop to take the time and thank her for making our world and their community a better place. 

     Additional articles in November address the various types of maintenance cleaning and schedule needed for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing community and what to do and not do if you ever become trapped in your condominium’s elevator. 

     Legal articles share steps to prevent your community from turning into a short-term rental, issue a strong call to action for condominium board service, address proper ways to maintain official records, and detail the right of a homeowner to video record an inspection in one’s own home.

     FLCAJ wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!