Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published May 2018

       Editor’s Note: Congratulations to these six outstanding Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of RCA winners, please read the March 2018 issue or visit


Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems
Diamond Level Winner—Asphalt and Paving Services
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

       We are honored to be the recipient of the Diamond Readers’ Choice Award. This marks the fifth consecutive year we have received this honor, and we want to first and foremost take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers and friends for voting for us again!

       2017 proved to be very exciting for Team ARTech. It all started on January 4, 2017, when Connie Lorenz, president of Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, was featured on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires: Connie also was awarded and recognized by Enterprising Women as one of the top Enterprising Women of 2017. Team ARTech received the Pulse of the City award for the third consecutive year and for the fifth year in a row was recognized on a national level with the prestigious TopContractor designation.

       In 2017, all of us in Florida were impacted by Hurricane Irma. Many found themselves behind the proverbial eight-ball, few more so than the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village in Davenport. This wonderful foundation reaches out and helps children with long term ailments. After the storm, Sunshine Village put out an urgent request via Facebook for help, and Team ARTech answered the call.Because of our efforts, we were recognized by Sunshine Village as their volunteer of the year. We were also awarded the Good Neighbor Award as recognized by the National Pavement Expo and Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine.

       Thanks again to all for your continued support, and we hope 2018 rocks!

       For more information on Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, call (800) 254-4PDC (4732) or (866) REJUVN8 (735-8868) or visit

Castle Group
Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

       Castle Group is Florida’s choice for community management, specializing in serving the finest condominium and homeowner associations throughout the state. The company’s philosophy is an unwavering focus on the resident experience; at Castle it is called Royal Service®. Castle is owned by CPAs who oversee a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology. Since no two properties are identical, Castle has created a menu of services that allows customers to create a solution that fits their needs. Castle does not manage an exceptional number of communities, just a number of exceptional ones.

       For more information on Castle Group, call (844) 815-5321 or visit

Envera Systems
Diamond Level Winner—Safety & Security
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014)

       Envera Systems is an all-inclusive security service company that specializes in technology-based security solutions for communities. Always innovating in the pursuit of increased security and decreased cost, Envera is a leader in Next Generation asset protection. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and proprietary software, Envera provides more effective security than traditional guards for a fraction of the cost.

       Envera focuses on making sure that community entrances, clubhouses, pools, and other amenities are protected in a way that is not obtrusive to the quality of life. Our state-of-the-art central station oversees it all, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with licensed Class D Virtual Guards.

       With the revolutionary Virtual Gate Guard, Envera uses strategically-placed cameras with two-way audio to allow remotely located guards to verify visitors or deny entry into gated communities. Auto-verify technology enhances the Virtual Gate Guard to immediately verify repeat and permanent visitors with driver’s license recognition and license plate recognition. Envera also secures resident lanes with access control solutions that prevent sharing of credentials, can be easily deactivated when needed, and can be managed by the licensed Virtual Security Guards.

       While the Virtual Gate Guard greets and screens visitors at a community entrance, Envera’s Active Video Surveillance keeps pools, parks, clubhouses, and other amenities clear of trespassers and vandals. When the area closes at night, video analytics monitor the asset and alert Envera’s guards when anyone enters. A Virtual Guard voices down to the trespassers to tell them the area is closed. If trespassers refuse to leave, Envera can contact the local authorities.

       In addition, Envera offers passive video surveillance, access control, and burglar alarm solutions to secure all areas of a community when needed. Envera provides all services, from implementation to installation, servicing of equipment, and monitoring. It’s the Envera difference.

       For more information on Envera Systems, call (855) 380-1274 or visit

MAY Management Services
Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2018)

       MAY Management Services Inc., founded in 1988, is renowned for providing first-rate association management services throughout Northeast Florida. Initially centered in Ponte Vedra Beach, MAY has expanded rapidly with bases of operation in St. Johns and the five surrounding counties to meet the demands of servicing premier communities in the area, such as Sawgrass Country Club, Ocean Hammock, Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club, and World Golf Village.

       It was Annie Marks, the sole owner of MAY, who recognized early in the company’s expansion campaign that a strong focus on accounting and financials would pilot MAY to the top. As such, MAY’s expertise with respect to association financials (e.g., budgeting, billing, expense control, and collections) and continued investments into internal accounting systems have allowed the company to rapidly expand without sacrificing client support, helping MAY become the leading management firm in the area.

       In addition to its commitment to financial support, under Marks’ leadership, MAY has expanded its service offerings to clients including, but not limited to, developing continuing education courses for association board and committee members, and establishing some of the first association architectural control programs in the market. Through the years, MAY has been able to establish significant relationships with national development firms and developers looking to strike ground in the market. Developers now regularly rely on MAY’s consulting services at all stages of community development.

       In 2015, Catie Marks entered the fold and joined MAY’s executive team. As Annie’s daughter, a lifetime of preparation suited her well as Catie hit the ground running. The mother-daughter team is not only passionate about the services they provide but understands the responsibilities and level of trust their clients bestow upon MAY. The entire MAY team feeds off of this and is committed to remaining one of the top firms in the business.

       MAY celebrates its 30th year in 2018 and continues to expand. By regularly investing in its personnel and technology as well as expanding portfolio of services, they are able to take on new clients without sacrificing any commitment to its current clients.

       For more information on MAY Management, call (904) 461-9708 or visit


Absolute Patio Furniture Restoration
Platinum Level Winner—Pool, Lakes & Parks
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015) 

        As many South Florida community associations and property managers can attest, their patio is very important to their community. The problem with South Florida is that the weather is particularly hard on the furniture. The combination of the sun, humidity, and, for beachfront properties, sand and salt can wear out the furniture and wreak havoc. It is for this reason that patio furniture restoration becomes an essential part of property management. Restoring outdoor furniture is a green process, which saves money and also helps save the environment. Not only is this process green, but it’s also very cost effective and allows a unique opportunity to customize a community’s restoration and handpick from a large selection of metal finishes, fabrics, and color schemes. This selection includes hundreds of colors, patterns, and fabrics for slings, straps, and cushions, which allows a community association or property manager to select something they feel will fit with their already established décor, effectively creating an overall coordinated and polished look. The flexibility of powder coating makes it a great choice for any metal restoration project.

Is Your Property a Candidate for Restoration?

       Condominiums, country clubs, and HOAs with old and worn patio furniture should consider a powder coating restoration process instead of taking on the greater expense of furniture replacement. If the finish on the frames is still in great condition, then simply re-strapping or re-slinging is also an option. If your furniture is in good structural condition and only requires some minor welding repairs, then your furniture is a great candidate for restoration. You can completely update the look of your furniture and save your property a lot of money at the same time!

For more information on Absolute Patio Furniture Restoration, call (954) 917-2715 or visit

Ramco Protective Services
Gold Level Winner—Security
(Winner 2018)

       Ramco Protective Services has been a leading security force since 2008, with established operations in more than one-third of Florida’s counties. A single-source provider of comprehensive security and access control solutions, Ramco operates through its guard, gate, and intelligence divisions. The organization fortifies residential and corporate security with a complete range of physical and technology-based packages that tailor to the client’s needs. Family-owned and operated, Ramco prides itself on its team-wide dedication to professionalism and integrity, and its commitment to secure residences, corporations, malls, hospitals, and many more locations with honor and treat all with respect.

We promise the following:

  • To provide the highest standard of guard service combined with being able to cater to any other facet of the
  • To be associated with outstanding communities, companies, and other firms. Through planning and innovation, we will help each customer reach their maximum potential.
  • To be a firm that is enjoyable to work for and rewarding to work with.
  • To significantly contribute to the profession to which we belong and to the areas in which we live and work.
  • To grow, but to continue to retain our identity and provide those special products and services which were our hallmark from the beginning.
  • While companies in the security industry pursue revenue and size, we pursue excellence. Where others pursue profit, we believe in a long-term relationship to provide your community with a state-of the-art group of products and services that help all of its residents and management be successful. Moreover, we believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a highly successful partnership. This is the tone we carry into 2018 and all of our years ahead.

       For more information on Ramco Protective Services, call (888) 398-9700 or visit