Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published September 2018

       Editor’s Note: Congratulations to these six outstanding Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of RCA winners, please read the March 2018 issue or visit

Clayton & McCulloh P.A.
Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015)

     Celebrating our 30th anniversary through October, Clayton & McCulloh has dedicated itself to offering aggressive representation involving creative solutions to the challenges faced by community associations today. We handle all facets of community association law—from covenant enforcement and collection matters to construction defect and class action declaratory judgment cases. With offices in Maitland and Melbourne, we feature a multitude of flat fee (some include costs) and complimentary services. Strongly promoting education for board members/managers, we feature numerous complimentary educational seminars throughout the year. As a mid-sized boutique law firm, we pride ourselves in offering big law firm services with a small firm’s personal touch throughout central Florida. We have an unwavering commitment to providing quality, comprehensive legal services for our clients at a reasonable price, and we provide a 24/7 contact person. Thank you for honoring us with your vote.

    For more information on Clayton & McCulloh, call (407) 875-2655 or (321) 751-3449 or visit

Glazer & Sachs P.A.
Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

     Whether it’s representing you in court or administrative proceedings, attending your meetings, speaking to you on the radio, or teaching you in classes, Glazer and Sachs P.A. has been representing community associations and their owners throughout Florida since 1994. Our goal is not just to represent you but to educate you along the way. Our devotion is in the numbers, as we have taught our classes to more than 12,000 Floridians throughout the state, spoken to thousands of you on the Condo Craze and HOAs radio show for the past eight years, and written our blog every Monday morning for many years.

     Whether it’s contract review, document amendments, collection of unpaid assessments, civil and construction litigation, or arbitration or mediation, we’ve been there time and again and will continue to do so.

     For more information on Glazer & Sachs, call (954) 983-1112 or visit

Daniello Companies
Gold Level Winner—Concrete
(Winner 2018, 2017 & 2016)

     Concrete Restoration by Daniello Companies is located at 2708 N. Australian Avenue, Suite 9, in West Palm Beach, FL. Louis J. Daniello is president and Patricia Salazar is secretary/treasurer. The primary business focus is concrete restoration and waterproofing, with secondary services including impact window and door installation, concrete railing repair, painting, and metal and glass railing systems. Daniello Companies have been in business almost 30 years serving Miami to Vero Beach and are committed to work excellence and customer satisfaction on every project. Our staff of highly-trained and experienced personnel is dedicated to utilizing the most advanced and time-proven repair methods to deliver both quality and value to our customer.

     For more information on Daniello Companies, call (888) 370-4333 or (561) 835-4788 or visit

DSS Condo
Gold Level Winner—Construction & Engineering
(Winner 2018 & 2017)

     Undertaking a large renovation or restoration project can be expensive, disruptive, and stressful for any association. More often than not, association projects end up behind schedule and over budget, causing chaos within the community and financial distress for homeowners. There is a better way to do it.

     DSS Condo provides a team of experienced construction professionals to guide associations and boards through the planning and execution of their projects, acting as an advocate for the association and representing the homeowners’ interests throughout the project. We understand the unique challenges faced by associations and leverage our expertise and knowledge to overcome those challenges and deliver projects on time and within budget. We ensure that our clients receive the greatest value for their investment, they receive quality work, and they do not over-pay.

     Our team seeks opportunities for savings throughout the planning and construction process and typically reduces project costs by at least our fee, putting money back into the association’s pocket.

     Contact DSS Condo at (305) 985-DSSC, email, or visit to ensure the success of your association’s next project.

Ed Williams Registered Roof Consultant
Gold Level Winner—Roofing
(Winner 2018) 

     The company’s purpose is to be your eyes and ears when roofing and waterproofing is necessary. Based on our extensive experience, we can assist you with reserve studies and maintenance programs to extend the roof’s life. If it’s time to reroof, we can assist in determining the right roof for your situation, selecting qualified bidders, and furnishing them with specifications to competitively bid the project. During construction we perform quality assurance inspections to be sure the roof is installed correctly. If you have a new roof with problems, we can assist in getting that rectified by negotiations or through litigation. Mr. Williams has over 40 years of experience in the roof consulting and waterproofing industry and has held the title of Registered Roof Consultant since 1995.

     Ed Williams is president/senior consultant of Ed Williams Registered Roof Consultant. For more information, visit or call (772) 335-5832.

Friends of Bats
Gold Level Winner—Pest Control
(Winner 2018, 2017 & 2016)

     We are a family-owned and -operated company, focusing exclusively on delivering safe and humane solutions to bat infestation issues throughout the state of Florida. Over our 15 years in business, we have successfully carried out bat removal services (exclusions) and colony infestation prevention services for our customers, both in the residential and commercial sectors. Friends of Bats works closely with condominium associations and HOAs (including working on multi-unit/multi-story dwellings and high-rise structures), commercial buildings, bridges, and single-family homes. We are fully insured, and all work is guaranteed.

     For more information on Friends of Bats, please call Dan, John, or David at (888) 758-2287 or visit