Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published October 2017


Editor’s Note: Congratulations to these four outstanding Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of RCA winners, please read the March 2017 issue or visit

Glazer & Associates
Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2017, 2016 & 2015)

Whether it’s representing you in court or administrative proceedings, attending your meetings, speaking to you on the radio, or teaching you in classes, Glazer and Associates, P.A., has been representing community associations and their owners throughout Florida since 1994.  Our goal is not just to represent you but also to educate you along the way.  Our devotion is in the numbers, as we have taught our classes to more than 12,000 Floridians throughout the state, spoken to thousands of you on the Condo Craze and HOAs radio show for the past eight years, and written our blog every Monday morning for many years.  Whether it’s contract review, document amendments, collection of unpaid assessments, civil and construction litigation, arbitration, or mediation, we’ve been there time and again and will continue to do so. 

For more information on Glazer & Associates, call (954) 983-1112 or visit


HIG Insurance Group
Diamond Level Winner—Financial
(Winner 2017 & 2016)

HIG is one of the largest condominium and homeowner association insurance and certified risk management insurance agency providers in Florida and is honored to again win the prestigious “Diamond Level Readers’ Choice Award.” Star and Chase Herbig have 50 years of combined insurance expertise and insure hundreds of association properties throughout Florida. Star Herbig is President of HIG’s Association Insurance Division and is recognized as one of the most educated and knowledgeable professionals in the association insurance field. She holds the Certified Risk Management (CRM) degree and BS in Business Finance, Magna Cum Laude, and is a State Certified Property Manager Continuing Education Trainer, author of association insurance articles, and a regular expert speaker on association insurance.

       For a no obligation consultation from HIG Insurance Group, call Star Herbig at (888) 225-5444 or visit


Carousel Development and Restoration Inc.
Platinum Level Winner—Concrete and Painting & Waterproofing
(Winner 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

Carousel Development and Restoration Inc. is a concrete restoration company that specializes in all phases of the repair and structural restoration of high-rise condominium balconies and decks, parking garages, and historical buildings. Carousel has a history dating back more than three generations. Our key employees have each been with Carousel more than 20 years, and many of our field staff more than ten years. Carousel’s headquarters has been in Delray Beach since 1979. We are qualified by two Certified General Contractors licenses, providing additional protection to our clients. Carousel has successfully completed numerous condominium, government, and industrial restoration projects. Through our commitment to our clients, our product knowledge, and personnel training, Carousel has proudly become one of South Florida’s largest, locally-owned structural restoration contractors keeping Florida safe and beautiful.

For more information on Carousel Development and Restoration, call (561) 272-3700 or visit



The Melrose Management Partnership
Platinum Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2017)

The Melrose Management Partnership, led by CEO Jack Hanson, is a leader in modern community and lifestyle management services. For 25 years, Melrose has managed the affairs of more than 1,000 associations and over 200,000 dwellings throughout Florida. Specializing in a wide spectrum of housing alternatives, including single-family and multi-family residences, condominiums, office condominiums, and townhomes, our organization prides itself in having solid insight into the needs and concerns of each individual association we serve. We believe that achieving excellence in community management and lifestyle services requires an organization that makes a commitment to quality, service, and integrity.

For more information on The Melrose Management Partnership, visit our website at to learn how we can help you achieve excellence in your community.