Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight—December 2022

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published December 2022

     Editor’s Note: FLCAJ would like to congratulate these six outstanding 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of 2022 RCA winners, please read the March 2022 issue or visit

Allied Property Group

Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2022 and eight previous RCA wins) 

     Allied Property Group is a full-service property management firm providing service throughout Florida since 2003.  

     Allied excels in assisting boards of directors in addressing all of their  short- and long-term challenges. These challenges include both routine matters as well as the unexpected. Routine challenges can include controlling expenditures,  optimizing budgets, and increasing property values all while enhancing the community experience; while unexpected challenges can range from hurricane preparedness and recovery to emergencies that can have an adverse impact on the association’s or unit owner’s property. 

     While most large management companies struggle with their ability to make important decisions that could negatively impact associations, at Allied our experienced and empowered staff routinely assist associations in facing and conquering these challenges.

       The Allied team consists of licensed managers with extensive industry experience, a dedicated team of property accountants, a well-trained and friendly customer service staff, and technology offerings which help both our team and the associations we serve to succeed. Our team guides and assists the boards we serve closely to ensure efficient, productive meetings while providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand financial and management reports.  

     Working together with our customers, Allied  has the tools and experience needed to assist boards in making the decisions that best serve their associations. At Allied, our continued success can easily be attributed to our integrity and constant customer obsession that we take into consideration in everything we do. 

       For more information on Allied Property Group, call (305) 232-1579 or visit

Expert Reserve Services (formerly Expert Inspectors) 

Diamond Level Winner—Financial
(Winner 2022 and three previous RCA wins) 

     Expert Reserve Services is a Florida-based, family-owned and -operated business. We have been proudly serving the needs of condominium and homeowners associations since 2002 from our main office in Daytona Beach as well as our satellite offices in Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, Venice, St. Petersburg, and Jacksonville. Expert Reserve Services is experienced in conducting reserve studies and replacement cost valuations (insurance appraisals) as well as windstorm mitigations.

     Anastasia Kolodzik heads our reserve study division. She holds the prestigious PRA designation from the Association of Reserve Analysts and also is a licensed community association manager. Her book, Reserve Studies—Insuring the Uninsurables, is a guide for CAMs and board members in understanding how reserve accounts and reserve studies work. Anastasia is also a State of Florida certified continuing education provider.

     Our replacement valuations are conducted and supervised by Dave Kolodzik. Dave has extensive experience in conducting insurance appraisals in Florida for more than 20 years. He is certified by Marshall & Swift as a replacement valuation specialist. As an insurance adjuster, Dave attained the designation of PPIA (Professional Property Insurance Adjuster). He is a State of Florida certified continuing education provider as well.

     Windstorm mitigation inspections are conducted or certified by our Florida certified building contractor, Ray Giaconne. Ray has more than 20 years’ experience in contracting, conducting renovations, and inspections throughout Florida.

     Expert Reserve Services offers the personalized customer service you deserve. We take our time to explain reports and studies in a way that can be understood. Fair—Honest—Professional. Call us and experience the Expert Inspectors’ way!

     For more information on Expert Reserve Services Inc., call (866) 480-8236 or visit

Kaye Bender Rembaum

Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2022 and eight previous RCA wins)

     Kaye Bender Rembaum, an eight-time Diamond Readers’ Choice Award winner from FLCAJ, is a full-service law firm dedicated to the representation of community associations throughout Florida. With offices in Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, and Miami-Dade Counties (Miami by appointment), the firm provides its clients with an unparalleled level of personalized and professional services that are prompt, effective, and understandable, regardless of the size of the community and taking into consideration their individual needs and financial concerns. Led by a team of experienced attorneys, several of whom are board certified specialists in condominium and planned development law, the firm assists clients in all matters of association representation including the collection of assessments, contract drafting and negotiation, updating of governing documents, covenant enforcement, complex litigation, construction defect claims, and more.

     Kaye Bender Rembaum attorneys remain active in working with Florida legislators to improve community association legislation. The firm keeps their clients up to date on new developments in condominium and HOA law and how they may be personally affected. KBR is also a well-known provider of free legal education, which often includes CE credit for managers and state certifications for board members.

     For more information about Kaye Bender Rembaum, visit, email, or call (800) 974-0680.

Mena Law Firm

Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2022 and one previous RCA win)

     We all at Mena Law Firm (MLF) are honored and proud to be recognized as a Readers’ Choice Award winner. Thank you to everyone who helped make this important recognition possible. 

     MLF has been helping policyholders resolve their claims for more than 20 years. We have helped countless associations, businesses, and individuals throughout Florida navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters that are insurance claims. MLF knows firsthand how frustrating insurance companies can be. Millions of Floridians make their insurance payments responsibly every single month, understanding that if disaster befalls them, their insurance company will step up. More often than not, however, this doesn’t happen.You pay your premiums every month, but insurance companies make it nearly impossible for you to access your benefits when you need them.  

     That’s where we step in and fight for you. We will work with you to understand your rights as well as your options. We will take all steps necessary to maximize any potential recovery. Most importantly, we will fight for you, from beginning to end, to help you get what you are rightfully entitled to; and we will do so as aggressively as possible so that you can get what you are entitled to as soon as possible. With our experienced team on your side, we can help make this rather daunting process easier and less stressful.

     For more information, call (833) MENA-LAW or (305) 529-1771 or visit

Epic Forensics & Engineering

Platinum Level Winner—Forensic Investigative Services
(Winner 2022)

     Epic Forensics and Engineering is a full-service engineering consulting firm specializing in 558 association turnover reports, expert witnesses,  structural condition assessments, and 40/50-year recertifications of mid- and high-rise luxury condominiums, residential communities/buildings, marinas, parking structures, and skateparks. Our engineers and specialists help community associations, attorneys, developers, and insurance companies nationwide to determine all the facts when they’re faced with building system malfunctions, structural defects and corrosion, wind and water damage, or maintenance and code compliance issues. We can help you determine the real cause of damage and come up with a rock-solid list of deficiencies for planning and implementation of immediate, short-term, and long-term repairs.

     For more information, call (561) 581-8800 or visit us at

Pipe Restoration Solutions Inc. 

Gold Level Winner—Noninvasive Pipe Rehabilitation
(Winner 2022)

     Pipe Restoration  Solutions is an industry leader in noninvasive and nondestructive pipe repair. With offices located in Sarasota, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, and Jackson-ville, we have been providing our services and solutions to condominiums and HOAs throughout the great state of Florida for over a decade. There is no reason to be frustrated or plagued by slow drains, backups, or cracked pipes. Driven by our experienced leadership team, we make your pipe problems disappear. 

     It all begins with our waterproof cameras, allowing for a clear visual inspection of the sewer lines and pipes that are underground, in walls, encased in concrete, or anywhere else. This allows us to begin assessing the condition of your pipes to address your immediate needs and provide a proactive plan for your future. Our goal is to keep your plumbing and piping system healthy and flowing so that you never have to experience black water sewer flooding into your building. This is accomplished with our high-tech cameras, cleaning, and CIPP lining equipment. With cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining or trenchless technology, there is no need to tear up your floors, walls, or landscape ever again. We are grateful to earn your vote and to be acknowledged as an FLCAJ  Readers’ Choice Award Winner for our commitment to our customers and community. 

     For more information on Pipe Restoration Solutions, call (800) 652-7604 or visit