Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight—July 2020

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published July 2020

     Editor’s Note: Congratulations to these three outstanding Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of RCA winners, please read the March 2020 issue or visit

Campbell Property Management
Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

Founded in 1953, Campbell Property Management is South Florida’s highest-rated community association management company and one of the largest and most experienced, locally owned property management companies in South Florida. With seven fully staffed off-ices and more than 800 full-time employees, Campbell serves more than 380 associations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and Port St. Lucie counties. Their management services include administrative, financial, accounting, maintenance and janitorial, valet and concierge, social director, gate access, human resources development, community websites, information technology, and landscape maintenance.

Although very similar in purpose, every board has its own unique goals and objectives, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Campbell’s experienced team invests the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of the community and board. They pride themselves on being responsive and providing customized solutions for their clients. They make a promise to the boards they serve: that Campbell will help them accomplish their goals and achieve the peace of mind they are seeking. Campbell guarantees satisfaction by giving their clients the right to cancel for any reason, at any time. The associations they serve have rewarded their performance with long-standing relationships, which have been proven by their market-leading 98 percent renewal rate.

For more information on Campbell Property Management, call (954) 427-8770, email, or visit

Forge Engineering Inc.
Diamond Level Winner—Construction and Engineering
(Winner 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015)

For 24 years, Forge Engineering has literally built the foundation of southwest Florida. A full-service engineering firm whose expertise has touched nearly every major construction project in the area, Forge Engineering itself is constructed upon rock-solid principles of ensuring clients’ requirements are resolved efficiently by assessing needs and providing meaningful answers.

“We don’t turn anyone away. Our company culture is to offer solid advice and help clients take care of their assets, spend their dollars wisely, and minimize wasteful expenditures due to a lack of maintenance,” says Matt H. Nolton, CEO and Principal Engineer.

Forge Engineering offers expertise in geotechnical reporting, testing and inspection, environmental site remediation, bank draw inspections, materials testing, and construction inspection. Their forensics team is often called upon as expert witnesses in court cases. Where other companies might assess an issue and offer “their” way of resolving it, Forge consultants consider all parameters relevant to the client.

Yet, as instrumental as Forge Engineering has been in the construction, development, and maintenance of southwest Florida’s buildings, they’ve also been community builders. Every employee is in some way involved with charity or civic groups, such as Rotary and Habitat for Humanity. “We contribute, get involved, and make our community a better place for everyone,” says Matt, who adds that work/life balance for all employees is key. “We take care of our customers, but we have a big emphasis on family. Everyone knows everyone and cares. It’s truly a team. And we take that responsibility seriously.”

For more information on Forge Engineering Inc., call (239) 514-4100 or visit

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Southern Chute
Diamond Level Winner—Maintenance
(Winner 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016)

Southern Chute was born in 2001 from an idea Chet Ribner had when he was selling commercial maintenance supplies to condominiums. He was always being asked for something to clean the trash chute with or a product to counteract the odors. A little research and a lot of prayers later, we opened our doors on October 1st.

We founded Southern Chute on two principles: that happy employees are invested in their company, and that we will not take a customer’s money unless we can make a difference at their property. Eighteen years later, we have two offices and 20 employees, and we have you—our satisfied and loyal customers! We value the relationships and friendships that we have developed with you over the years.

Most of our employees have been with us 10 to 15-plus years. Many of you comment on how nice it is to see the same faces every year. The pride that they felt last year in winning this award is doubled to win again in 2020! We cannot thank you enough for this honor.

Although Chet left us too early and is not physically here to celebrate with us, he left us his work ethic and his honesty as his legacy. We appreciate your continued support!

For more information on Southern Chute, call (866) 475-9191 or visit or