Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight—May 2022

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published May 2022

     Editor’s Note: FLCAJ would like to congratulate these four outstanding 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of 2022 RCA winners, please read the March 2022 issue or visit

Converged Services Inc.

Diamond Level Winner—Technology and Communications
(Winner 2022 and one previous RCA win)

     As founder and president of Converged Services, I am once again honored and humbled for us to receive the top award for Technology and Communications. I would like to thank FLCAJ, its readers, and all those who voted for us, as well as to congratulate all winners and nominees. I would be amiss to not recognize my entire team at Converged Services as we cannot conduct our business successfully without their skills, synergy, and strength.

      When Converged Services was founded, I promised to provide an exemplary level of proficiency, reliability, fairness, and integrity to the community associations we serve. I stand by this principle as we celebrate our 25th year of business. As technology advisors, we are unlike any other firm in the industry. We think long-term and provide unbiased representation to ensure revenue gains and cost savings to community associations. The technology industry is ever-changing, and we are unique in combining both industry and intellectual knowledge to shepherd client success, earning us respect from vendors and providers in the industry. At the end of the day, our priority is commitment to our clients.

     The reason so many associations choose to collaborate with us on technology projects is because they understand that our strategic and systematic approach generates an incredibly competitive environment. We negotiate on your behalf so that your property manager and staff can focus on the daily operations of your community.

     Our due diligence and industry expertise statistically  bring 50 percent higher incentive dollars, greater home values, increased complimentary services to common areas, additional revenue opportunities, and the special provisions to provide a future-ready peace of mind, making you the champion for your community. And that is just the beginning—once you have the network, you have endless possibilities.

     To learn more about Converged Services, please visit or email us at


FirstService Residential

Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2022 and seven previous RCA wins)

     As North America’s property management leader, FirstService Residential partners with more than 8,500 communities in 23 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. The boards of directors of HOAs, condominiums, and community associations rely on our extensive experience, resources, and local expertise to successfully lead their communities.

     Our mission is to deliver exceptional solutions that enhance the value of every property and the lifestyle of every resident in the communities we manage. We deliver on our mission by acquiring and retaining the top property management professionals in the industry and supporting them with best-in-class resources, including lifestyle programming, technology solutions, banking and insurance, innovative food and beverage services, and energy management.

     Dedicated to making a difference, every day, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

     FirstService Residential is a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation (FSV), a North American leader in the property services sector. Find out how we can help your community thrive.


     For more information about FirstService Residential, visit today!


Leland Management

Diamond Level Winner—Management 
(Winner 2022 and eight previous RCA wins) 

     Leland Management is a full-service association management firm specializing in managing Florida condominium and homeowner associations for more than 20 years. With 12 offices statewide, we currently manage more than 400 associations exclusively in the state of Florida. 

     Our team of professionals takes great pride in delivering the best-quality service to the communities we serve. We have over 100 licensed community association managers who average more than seven years of experience, and many carry advanced professional designations. To bring it all together, we have honed an effective system for sharing this expertise both within the company and in our communities. 

     Our superior accounting strategies, dedication to lifestyle, and always-local resident support call center are just a few of the standards you can expect from a partnership with Leland, but we don’t just talk the talk. Evidence of Leland’s walk can be seen in consistently being named Central Florida’s Top Workplace and the  Orlando Business Journal’s Best Place to Work by our team year after year. 

     Although we are large enough to have all the resources necessary to meet the needs of any association, Leland remains a local, family-owned and -managed firm to better meet the individual needs of each community. We understand that building solid, lasting relationships is of utmost importance to delivering the best quality of service and the continued success of our company. 

     For more information, call (888) 255-8577 or visit


PeytonBolin PL

Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2022 and eight previous RCA wins)

     PeytonBolin PL is a real estate and community association law firm that is approachable, reliable, and effective. The firm’s founder, Jane Bolin, was a licensed CAM and owner/operator of a community association management company prior to her legal career. This point of view has shaped how the firm’s attorneys support and represent condominiums and HOAs throughout the state of Florida. The firm’s managing partners, Joe Giannell and Mauri Peyton, are real estate board certified by the Florida Bar and lead a team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals. The PeytonBolin team gets to the root of issues and creates good governance structures to help managers, boards, and unit owners alike. Community association law is more than just collections (and collections are important to keep cash flow and revenue moving!) From amendments to developer turnover, vendor management to violation enforcement, contract disputes to water leaks, our firm is poised to support your association in all areas. Our innovative billing structures help associations achieve their goals while being mindful of their budget. As a part of the community, we provide board member certification and continuing  education that makes a difference. Be sure to check out Jane’s book, Mastering the Business of Your Association, which can be found on Amazon! 

     For more information on PeytonBolin PL, call (877) 739-8662, visit, or email