Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight—October 2023

Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published October 2023

     Editor’s Note: FLCAJ would like to congratulate these four outstanding 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of 2023 RCA winners, please read the March 2023 issue or visit

Campbell Property Management

Diamond Level Winner—Management Companies
(Winner 2023 and nine previous RCA wins) 

     Founded in 1953, Campbell Property Management is South Florida’s highest-rated community association management company and one of the largest and most experienced locally owned property management companies in South Florida. With seven fully staffed offices and more than 950 full-time employees, Campbell serves more than 400 associations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and Port St. Lucie Counties. Their management services include administrative, financial, accounting, maintenance and janitorial, valet and concierge, lifestyle director, gate access, human resources development, community website, information technology, and landscape maintenance. 

     Although very similar in purpose, every board has its own unique goals and objectives, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Campbell’s experienced team invests the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of the community and board. They pride themselves on being responsive and providing customized solutions for their clients. They make a promise to the boards they serve: that Campbell will help them accomplish their goals and achieve the peace of mind they are seeking. Campbell guarantees satisfaction by giving their clients the right to cancel for any reason, at any time. The associations they serve have rewarded their performance with long-standing relationships, which have been proven by their market-leading 98 percent renewal rate. 

     For more information on Campbell Property Management, call 954-427-8770, email, or visit

Castle Group

Diamond Level Winner—Management Companies
(Winner 2023 and nine previous RCA wins)

     Castle Group is the premier choice for property management; we specialize in serving the finest residential communities. With over 2,200-plus dedicated team members, we are the preferred service provider for 400-plus associations. Our philosophy stays the same no matter where we are—putting the resident first. At Castle, we call it Royal Service®. Our focus is to provide our clients with a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology to deliver the best service to their communities. Since no two properties are identical, we’ve created a menu of services that allows our customers to tailor a solution that fits their needs. 

     Explore our services and see how we can help serve your community by calling 844-815-5321 or visiting

Envera Systems

Diamond Level Winner—Safety and Security
(Winner 2023 and eight previous RCA wins)

     Envera Systems is a full-service security company focused on technology-based solutions and services that efficiently secure and add value to communities and residential developments. Envera’s mission is to partner with associations to develop an effective design of security solutions that support the need to manage access into the community or other areas and provide monitoring at those locations through video surveillance or user-friendly data. The company’s motto, “Access Your Life,” reflects the vision to provide cost-efficient solutions that are not obtrusive to the quality of life within a neighborhood. 

     Envera’s unique solutions include the Virtual Gate Guard for greeting and screening visitors at a gated entrance. This revolutionary access management system includes features to automatically verify repeat, authorized visitors to a community by license plate, an ID, or QR code. Guests who are not instantly verified speak with a trained Envera agent for processing. 

     For amenities, the active video surveillance solution is often employed to keep designated areas clear of trespassers after hours, saving communities extensive costs typically associated with damage and 

vandalism. This preventive solution connects monitored locations to Envera’s trained agents, who receive alarms if trespassing occurs and can see and speak with anyone who has entered the closed location.

     Envera offers accompanying solutions to secure all areas of a community as needed. This includes access control solutions for doors, gates, and gated entrances, as well as high-speed barrier arms, which help mitigate tailgating in to a community and can alert Envera of a potential gate break. 

     With a state-of-the-art monitoring center and various supporting departments, Envera is capable of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide assistance and support to customers. Access your life with a community security partner committed to understanding the needs of associations, affordable asset protection, and innovation.  

     For more information on Envera Systems, call 855-380-1274, email, or visit 

PeytonBolin PL

Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services
(Winner 2023 and nine previous RCA wins)

     PeytonBolin PL is a real estate and community association law firm that is approachable, reliable, and effective. The firm’s founder, Jane Bolin, was a licensed CAM and owner/operator of a community association management company prior to her legal career. This point of view has shaped how the firm’s attorneys support and represent condominiums and HOAs throughout the state of Florida. The firm’s managing partners, Joe Giannell and Mauri Peyton, are real estate board certified by the Florida Bar and lead a team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals. The PeytonBolin team gets to the root of issues and creates good governance structures to help managers, boards, and unit owners alike. Community association law is more than just collections (and collections are important to keep cash flow and revenue moving!). From amendments to developer turnover, vendor management to violation enforcement, contract disputes to water leaks, our firm is poised to support your association in all areas. Our innovative billing structures help associations achieve their goals while being mindful of their budget. As a part of the community, we provide board member certification and continuing education that makes a difference. Be sure to check out our new 2023 initiative— —where you can ask questions and we provide answers!

     For more information on PeytonBolin PL, call 877-739-8662, email, or visit