Seven Tips to Prepare Your Community for the Florida Summer

Seven Tips to Prepare Your Community for the Florida Summer

By Ana Rivero / Published May 2024

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As the weather grows ever warmer and the days grow longer, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your community ready for the summer season. While hurricane plans and preparations may seem to take all the focus, taking proactive steps now can help your community weather whatever storms may come. A little planning and effort now can help your residents enjoy the rest of summer as much as possible. 

Assess Common Areas 

     One of the first tasks on the summer preparation checklist is to thoroughly inspect the common areas within your community. The list should include playgrounds, parks, pools, and any other shared spaces your association manages. Identify any necessary repairs, maintenance, or upgrades, and work with your HOA or community management team to address these issues before the summer rush. 

Enhance Landscaping and Curb Appeal 

     As the weather warms further, it’s the perfect time to focus on enhancing your community’s overall landscaping and curb appeal. In addition to hurricane safety, address items like shade and airflow with your landscaping team. Your team may need to trim hedges and trees, mow areas more frequently, plant seasonal flowers, and do other things to ensure the common areas are well maintained and visually appealing. 

     Now is also a great time to check your community’s irrigation system for leaks, clogs, or other issues. Check that sprinklers are correctly adjusted to avoid wasting water, especially with those afternoon summer showers. Check your system’s rain sensors, or consider installing them so your sprinklers aren’t running in the rain. 

Prepare Amenities for Summer Use 

     If your community has amenities like swimming pools, splash pads, pickleball courts, or community centers, preparing them for the regular use they may see over the summer is crucial. Pools are a particular area of focus. Your pool maintenance company should maintain its chemical balance, keep the filtration system running efficiently, and keep your pool clean. Someone must also check the pool’s safety equipment, such as a first aid kit or life-saving rings. Make sure these items are accessible and that your residents know where they are kept. They need to be returned or restocked after use. 

Review and Update Community Policies 

     Before the summer season kicks into high gear, reviewing and updating your community’s policies and guidelines is a good idea. This may include rules around noise levels, parking, pet management, and the use of common areas. Ensure that these policies are communicated to all residents and that necessary enforcement measures are in place. 

     Effective communication is key when preparing your community for summer. Reach out to residents through various channels such as newsletters, community websites, or social media to inform them about upcoming events, policy changes, and any vital information they need. 

Bring Your Community Together, Maybe for a Cause 

     Summer is a great time to bring your community together through various events and activities. Building a strong sense of community within your neighborhood can significantly enhance residents’ overall experience. Encouraging neighborly interactions through summer initiatives like pool parties or picnics can foster a sense of belonging among residents. 

     Consider a volunteering event, fundraiser, or educational series to bring your residents together in a community center when it’s just too hot to do things outside. Whether it’s providing information about energy-saving practices like using ceiling fans and keeping blinds drawn, participating in a walk, or organizing a beach cleanup, these activities will keep your residents engaged throughout the long summer days. 

     By nurturing a culture of collaboration and engagement within your community, you can create a vibrant environment where residents feel connected and invested in maintaining a thriving neighborhood throughout the summer months and beyond. 

Address Safety and Security Concerns 

     As more people spend time outdoors in the evening, reviewing your community’s safety and security measures is essential. This may involve tasks such as ensuring proper lighting in common areas, reviewing emergency protocols, and coordinating with local law enforcement if necessary. 

Prepare for Seasonal Challenges 

     Summer can bring its own maintenance challenges. Pests are a particular concern due to the hot weather and summer rains. Double down on measures to control pests like mosquitos, ants, and palmetto bugs, such as regular garbage collection, mosquito repellant practices, and proactive pest control treatments. Other seasonal challenges include managing water flow during heavy rains, maintaining landscaping during the growing season, and managing the heat. Work with your HOA or community management team to develop a comprehensive plan to address these annual issues. 

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