Successful Associations Follow Best Practices

Successful Associations Follow Best Practices

Published April 2023

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     Editor’s Note: The following best practices are provided to help board members in community associations to improve their operational efficiency and to succeed in making 2023 a successful year.

Best Practices for New or Returning Board Members of Community Associations
By Erol Ugljanin, LCAM, CMCA

     As a board member of your community association, you will find yourself wearing many different hats. From problem solving and conflict resolution to budget planning and third-party vendor relations, the board is trusted to protect the investments of all residents. Whether you are a new or returning board member, the following tips can enhance your community association’s operations and help you successfully step into your role. 

  • Understand your unique responsibilities and commitment as a board member.
  • Review your association’s governing documentation and bylaws in detail.
  • Regularly communicate with members of your community and be transparent about the board’s decisions.
  • Utilize guidance from your property management firm, knowing they are a valuable resource dedicated to supporting the goals of the board and association.
  • Work cohesively with your fellow board members to streamline decision-making processes and enhance the operational efficiency of your community.

     Erol Ugljanin, LCAM, CMCA, is senior vice president of management, southeast with AKAM, a leading residential property management company. He may be reached at

Is Your Garage Door Ready for Hurricane Season?
By Allied Doors South FL

     Did you know that your garage door is the largest 

opening in your home? Having an impact-rated garage door can protect your home and your family when the next big storm comes. 

     Florida’s building code requires garage door manufacturers to test the product every three years to ensure quality and strength are upheld against hurricane-force winds. In South Florida our garage doors are the strongest nationwide and can withstand winds up to 220 miles per hour! 

     When choosing to replace or upgrade your garage door, it is important to work with a licensed and insured contractor. Garage door safety and security is critical in maintaining your home today, tomorrow, and into the pending hurricane season.

     For more information, please call 954-942-8550 or visit 

Three Tips for Setting Your Association Up for Success
By Castle Group

     For new and returning board members alike, welcome to the second trimester of 2023! 

  Are you prepared to undertake the next nine months of 2023? Do you have all the information, resources, and tools you need? Here are three tips for setting your association up for success: 

  1. Understand your finances. Analyze what went well and what can improve from last year’s budget—this will paint a better picture of where your community stands and help you determine where want to be. 
  2. New board members should work with their property management team to familiarize themselves with their community’s governance—this will ease the onboarding process. 
  3. Finally, communication is key! Regular communication with your property manager will open doors to a wealth of information and ensure all your bases are covered. 

     For more information on how Castle Group can serve your community, request a proposal at

Don’t Be Left in the Dark 
By Diane Castro

     With the slower pace of summer approaching, now is a good time to evaluate your community’s outdoor lighting. Do your community entrances, clubhouse vistas, and other common grounds fade into darkness at night? Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting will beautify your property and add the important benefit of safety and security for residents and guests. More good news: with the continual advancement of LED technology, converting your old lighting to our LED system will save money on two fronts. First, our LEDs use approximately 75 percent less energy than traditional light sources, and the resulting reduction in electrical costs is welcome news to the budget. Second, because our LEDs have a significantly longer life, ongoing maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The grounds and landscaping of your community represent large investments—maximize the enjoyment and utility of these assets at night. 

     For more information about Coastal Illumination, call 800-586-0246 or visit

Protecting your Investment—Paint is More than Just a Color
By Heidi Larson

     Paint is more than just aesthetics; it can also help protect surfaces.

  All Florida Paints products are optimized to perform in Florida’s hot, humid, UV-intense climate. Every can of Florida Paints has an unmatched advantage over national brands.

     Our paint experts are here to help you through every step of the process for your next repaint project. From walk-throughs and specifications to product and color selection, we can help keep your communities looking good with products that last. 

     Let our paint experts make your next project a success.

     For more information email or visit

One-Stop Sustainability Solution!
By Robert Lamphier

     When addressing the refinishing needs of your communities and you seek a long-term property value increase, then call us first!

     Lamphier & Company is a one-stop sustainability solution for the following: 

No Charge Services

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Consulting
  • Custom design
  • Education

Contract Services

  • Waterproofing
  • Painting
  • Window sealants
  • Caulking
  • Green cleaning
  • Metal roof refinishing

     We evaluate your project, write a proprietary scope of work choosing the best products, and use proper application techniques. This successfully proven process extends the painting cycle and yields a much higher return on investment. 

     We do not hire subcontractors and use only our full-time, uniformed employees who have passed Level II background checks through the FDLE and FBI.

     As a state certified general contractor and state certified roofing contractor, we have been in business since 1965 and have over 38 years’ experience standing behind our work in Florida’s tropical environment.

     For more information about Lamphier & Company, call 407-330-1628 or visit