Survey Your Property’s Condition

Survey Your Property’s Condition

By Richard Hunter / Published October 2021

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As the dog days of Florida summer turn into fall, many friends from far and away are making their way back to Florida to enjoy the blissful change of weather. With this journey back to the Sunshine State, many of our readers are reopening condominiums and buildings that have been unoccupied for months.  

     In reopening your various abodes, please remember to take time to survey the condition of your property.  Over time, various types of damage may occur, including pipe breakage, hurricane or storm damage, tree limbs growing into and cracking your foundation, etc. In order for property insurance to potentially pay for any covered damage, most insurance policies require “prompt notice” or “immediate notice.” The definition of “prompt notice” or “immediate notice” differs depending on the circumstances. Generally, in Florida, prompt or immediate notice requires the homeowner to give notice to the insurance company to investigate the cause of damage within a reasonable time in view of all the circumstances surrounding a particular case. 

     In a situation where a snowbird spends part of the year at another location, if damage occurs at the Florida property while the snowbird is residing at the other location—at that point, upon discovery and prompt or immediate notice to the insurance company to come investigate the cause of damage—the snowbird  will have satisfied the “prompt or immediate notice” requirement of the policy. However, if the snowbird returns to the property and fails to survey the property to determine if there is any damage—and damage is later found—an insurance company could argue that the snowbird  failed to give “prompt or immediate notice” of the damage and deny the claim.

Richard Hunter

Principal Adjuster, Hunter Claims

     At Hunter Claims we regularly meet with association members and boards to inspect damage, review policies, and report claims.  Our claim process is designed for each individual property and the needs of their residents. Call a public adjuster before filing any claim. We do not get paid unless you get paid. Public adjusters solely represent your best interests, not the insurance company’s.

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