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July 2014 Contents


Managing Your Extended Relationships with Contractors

2014 Communities of the Year: Effort Produces Excellence

Building and Protecting a Brand for Your Community Association

Annual Budget Preparation: Set Yourself Up for Success

Lien Stripping: Associations Need to Know Their Rights

Is it Time to Access Your Security Needs

Staying Green: Geothermal Pool Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Minutes of Meetings and Record of Motions

FLCAJ Advertisers Attend CAI National Conference









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Journal Note – Letter from the Editor

Management Company Directory

FCAP Alive!

Florida Law – Michael J. Gelfand, Esq.

New Neighborhoods – Gary A. Poliakoff, J.D. and Ryan Poliakoff

Community Gardener

Answers – Richard White

Relations – Betsy Barbieux

CondoJobs – Lisa Pinder

Meeting Notices and Training Opportunities

Financial Services, Management Company, and Legal Services Directories

Products and Services Directory

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