Think Fiber in Your Community Would Be Too Expensive? Think Again…

Think Fiber in Your Community Would Be Too Expensive? Think Again…

By Jennifer Hutchinson / Published August 2022

Photo by Thomas-Soellner

Are you interested in fiber internet but worry that it’ll be too expensive to implement in your community? Or that bulk fiber services will cost an arm and a leg and will increase resident HOA/COA fees a ton? That may have been true in the past, but not anymore! Read on to learn how affordable fiber is for your community and why it is the smart choice. 

     Getting fiber installed in your neighborhood doesn’t have to cost you anything, and it can reduce the prices your residents are paying by almost 50 percent. Fiber optic internet services have previously been a lot more pricy than traditional cable internet, but over time the price difference has become smaller and smaller. That along with a discounted bulk rate make it incredibly feasible to bring your community fiber services that are affordable!

     From a community’s perspective, it is becoming more cost effective to install a fiber optic network than to maintain an outdated copper system. In short, fiber optic wires have the capacity to support current and future network technology that we have not even begun exploring. Cable networks, however, can only carry a limited amount of data and over time will require replacing big sections of the cables with fiber, ultimately costing a fortune to maintain. Because of the immense capacity variations between cable and fiber, there is a huge gap between legacy networks and fiber networks, and this plays a big role in the true costs of choosing to upgrade an old cable network or switching over to fiber. 

     Now from a resident’s perspective, fiber bulk internet services are provided to residents at a much lower price than they would be if purchased at a traditional retail per-unit cost. As mentioned previously, fiber bulk cable, internet, and phone services cost up to 50 percent less than what a homeowner would pay for the same services individually. 

     Additionally, a benefit to both the community and the resident is the door fee! The broadband provider usually recompenses the community a one-time payment (payment based on agreed amount per unit), which benefits the property and residents. This lump sum can be used for capital improvements and needed projects within the community, which would otherwise come from resident assessments.

     Implementing fiber internet, tv, and phone services will ultimately not only provide a better experience for your residents, but also be more cost effective for your community long term.

Jennifer Hutchinson

Director of Community Management, Blue Stream Fiber

     Jennifer Hutchinson is director of community management for Blue Stream Fiber. To learn more about our fiber offerings and whether or not they are the right fit for your community, visit