Transforming a Condominium Community

Transforming a Condominium Community

A Comprehensive Exterior Renovation Project

By Justin Reviczky / Published September 2023

Photo courtesy of Element Service Solutions—Barclay Place after exterior renovation project is completed.

In today’s competitive real estate market, maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a condominium or townhome community is paramount. A well-maintained exterior not only enhances the overall curb appeal but also adds value for residents and potential buyers. In this article we delve into a remarkable exterior renovation project completed at Barclay Place at Heathrow Condominiums in Lake Mary, Florida, and highlight the transformative changes that have turned this once-dated community into a modern and visually stunning living space.

Open chimney

The Vision

     Barclay Place at Heathrow, consisting of 29 buildings and spreading over almost 20 acres, was constructed in the late 1980s; it had seen better days. The faded paint, worn-out roofs, deteriorating stucco, and outdated color pallet needed a significant overhaul. The condominium association recognized the need for a comprehensive exterior renovation project that would enhance the property’s appeal, increase its value, and provide a more inviting environment for residents.

Planning and Design

     The first step in any successful renovation project is meticulous planning and design. The condominium association collaborated with a team of experienced designers and Element Service Solutions to develop a comprehensive plan that would address the community’s needs and goals.

     The design team took into consideration various factors such as the architectural style of the existing buildings, the surrounding landscape, and the preferences of the residents. The aim was to create a cohesive and modern aesthetic while maintaining the community’s unique identity.

Barclay Place painting

Structural Components

     Building by building, the team from Element Service Solutions began peeling back the decayed wood and crumbling stucco to identify and repair the damage to exterior wall framing and chimney structures. Once the structural repairs were completed, they could continue on with new stucco and decorative trim.

     One of the most significant transformations in the renovation project was the replacement of concrete tile roofs with asphalt shingles, and the outdated stucco finish was repaired and replaced where needed. This change not only refreshed the appearance of the buildings but also improved their durability and energy efficiency.

Barclay Place after exterior renovation update


     As the roofers completed reroofing each building, the teams from Element would follow up with pressure washing the buildings, prepping for painting and waterproofing, and finally delivering that new coat of paint that completed the transformation. It was critical that all the teams from various trades work together in concert throughout the project. This allows for a streamlined work process and ensures project timelines are met and quality of work is maintained.

Chimney Stucco

     When it was all said and done, Samuel Scheibler, board president at Barclay Place at Heathrow Association, comments, 

     Essentially, we undertook the complete restoration of our community in a single, comprehensive endeavor, integrating several major projects into a cohesive whole. While the scope seems daunting, this created the shortest disruption to the lives of our residents and the most efficient use of job site necessities such as storage, disposal, and equipment movement. The three key elements to the success of our project were careful, methodical planning; working alongside trusted and responsive contractors and vendors; and constant, clear communication among everyone involved in the process. 

     The exterior renovation project undertaken at Barclay Place has truly transformed the community, breathing new life into the aging structures and outdoor spaces. The cohesive design, attention to detail, and use of quality materials have elevated the community’s appeal, making it a highly sought-after place to live. The residents now enjoy a visually stunning environment and a strong sense of community. The successful completion of this renovation project is a testament to the power of investing in the exterior of a condominium community, significantly enhancing its overall value and desirability.

Justin C. Reviczky

CEO, Element Service Solutions

     Justin C. Reviczky is the CEO of Element Service Solutions, a leading construction firm specializing in high-quality renovations and landscaping projects for HOA/condominium communities. Since 1994 Justin has established a reputation for delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations. Under Justin’s leadership the company successfully completes numerous condominium/HOA projects each year, including the exterior renovation of Barclay Place at Heathrow Condominiums. With a deep passion for customer experience and a commitment to excellence, Justin continues to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what to expect from a service provider. For more information, call 407-744-9122 or visit