Triana Terrace: Construction Without Disruption

Case Study

Triana Terrace: Construction Without Disruption

By Casey Crowther / Published March 2020

Photos courtesy of Target Roofing

Some say construction is a necessary evil. It must be done, but noise, traffic, and poor aesthetics can be bothersome side effects that spoil residents’ quality of life.

     When Target Roofing & Sheet Metal was asked to reroof 32 luxury, low-rise condominium buildings along Triana Terrace in Fort Myers, the initial challenge emerged months before the first roofer rolled into the neighborhood.

     Triana Terrace is split among four homeowners associations, which also fall under a master association in the Renaissance community. That meant presenting project plans and coordinating approval with five separate governing boards. No work could commence until each association’s board voted in favor of the project and agreed on the budget, and each vote came at a different date.

     Once that hurdle was cleared, Target Roofing faced another challenge because of the sheer size of the project—280,000 square feet of roof space. Ordering that much tile from a single manufacturer can be a challenge in ordinary circumstances, but inventory remains depleted because of active hurricane seasons in recent years. Target Roofing’s established relationships with suppliers proved critically important in securing enough Eagle-brand flat concrete roof tiles to complete the job. Existing relationships with suppliers also helped Target Roofing secure priority delivery timelines and exercise its high- volume purchasing power for discounts on materials, savings that ultimately were passed on to the customer.

     In many commercial environments, roofing crews can work early morning, overnight, and weekend shifts to complete projects quickly and without disrupting business operations. Triana Terrace, however, features 130 individual condominium units, the majority of which are occupied. There are no “off” hours, and homeowners associations are deeply interested in preserving residents’ quality of life. Having successfully completed roofing projects at some of the region’s most prestigious gated communities, Target Roofing tapped into three factors that minimized interruption during the project:

  • Equipment: Target Roofing owns its fleet of vehicles, heavy machinery, and dumpsters. That means the company had the ability to remove all equipment each day to clear the street and driveways for residents to use. Instant access to a crane or scissor lift, for example, also means roofers don’t need to wait for rentals to become available before completing a task, which speeds up the timeline.
  • Specialists: Target Roofing does not cross-train its roofers, instead allowing employees to specialize on the installation of one type of roof: flat, metal, tile, or shingle. This sped up Triana Terrace’s installation timeline because the company’s experienced crews can lay more per shift than other companies while ensuring that the job will be done correctly the first time. The company also does not use subcontractors or day laborers, finding that full-time employees have a greater commitment to quality and performance.
  • Schedules: At any given time, Target Roofing has multiple roofing crews across Southwest Florida on a variety of projects. The company arranged timelines for other projects so that when the time came for work to begin at Triana Terrace, it was “all hands on deck.”

     Despite the construction phase occurring during the heart of rainy season, Target Roofing was able to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule through careful planning, capitalizing on its relationships within the supply industry, and an efficient business model designed to produce quick, quality work.

Casey Crowther

President, Target Roofing & Sheet Metal

     Casey Crowther is a fifth-generation roofer and president of Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, a licensed and insured commercial roofing specialist headquartered in Fort Myers. For more information, please visit or call (239) 334-7496.