Two Roof Coating Systems Are a Success

Two Roof Coating Systems Are a Success

By Dean Visaggio / Published October 2022

Photos courtesy of Unicoat Industrial Corporation—The Woods at Pinebrook


ongboat Harbour Condominiums—A Clean and Safe Job

     The Longboat Harbour Condominiums in Longboat Key, FL, had a problem. Due to the Florida heat, the existing single-ply system on their roof had reached the end of its life. The seams had been contracting and expanding over time, causing the single-ply system to age, and the membrane was separating at the seams. If left unaddressed and unresolved, this would lead to the roof leaking.

     In the past once a roof reached the end of its life, it would be torn off and a new roof would be installed. However, newer developments have allowed for a roof coating to be used in certain circumstances. This coating costs one-third of what a new roof costs, and it is also less invasive. The question is, would this option work for Longboat Harbour Condominiums?

     After passing the moisture scan, it was determined that using a coating system was a viable option. Due to the community being active with many owners in residence, maintaining a clean and safe work environment was a top priority. The project commenced in mid-October 2021 with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so all crew members wore masks in enclosed areas to ensure the safety of the residents. Additionally, Ram Board® was put down in the hallways and elevator to make sure the floors were kept clean.

Longboat Harbour Condominiums

     Due to the size of the project, at an estimated 120,000 square feet, it was determined that the winter season was the best time of the year to begin in order to avoid as much rain as possible. The materials used for the job were Uniflex® Silicone44™ white rubberized silicone roof coating and Uniflex® One Flash™ gray permanent roof repair sealant. 

     After pressure washing the entirety of the roof, One Flash was used to seal around all penetration and vertical seams as well as to repair any of the field seams that were separated. The field seams were then striped in with four-inch rollers with white silicone. The entire roof then had a topcoat applied with the silicone at a rate of 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet to obtain a thickness of 37 dry mils. All of this coating was applied by either brush or rollers to prevent any overspray due to the breezy conditions.

     Once the project was completed, all the buildings were inspected by the technical representative from Uniflex. After the inspections Longboat Harbour was issued a 20-year labor and material warranty.

The Woods at Pinebrook Owners Association—Proper Preparation Is Key

     The Woods at Pinebrook Owners Association in Bradenton, FL, had a Gaco silicone roof, which had been coated 10 years ago. The warranty had expired, and the community needed a solution to keep the roof from deteriorating. 

     The coating was well maintained and still in good condition. However, over time the roof would accumulate moisture, causing water damage from leaks, and would eventually have to be torn off and replaced.

     With the goal of providing the community the most cost-effective solution and least invasive option, a Tramex moisture scan was taken of all three roofs to make sure the roofs were in adequate condition for a recoat. No moisture was detected, so it was possible to move forward with the recoat, which would provide the community with a 15-year warranty at one-third of the cost. In addition, it also prevented residents from having their peace and quiet disturbed by having to listen to a noisy roof tear off. 

     The materials used for the job were the GacoFlex S4200 high-adhesion silicone coating and GacoFlex SF4200 SeamSeal. Due to the roof having been previously coated with silicone, it was important to ensure the coating was properly prepped by using pressure washing to ensure proper adhesion. After the roofs had been pressure washed, GacoFlex SF4200 SeamSeal was applied to all the penetrations and horizontal seams. The field seams were then striped in with four-in. rollers with GacoFlex S4200 high-adhesion silicone coating. The entire roof was then recoated at a rate of 1.75 gallons per 100 square feet to obtain a thickness of 26 dry mils. The buildings are six stories high; therefore the decision was made to roll the coating to ensure there wouldn’t be any overspray.

     In addition all crew members wore boots with proper tread as a silicone coating is very slippery, especially in the morning when it is wet. Granulated walkways were also installed to promote future traction in case an air conditioning company had to access the roof to do equipment maintenance work.

Dean Visaggio

Regional Sales Manager, Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation

     Dean Visaggio is regional sales manager at Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation in Bradenton, FL. Call (800) 510-7661 for a free inspection and analysis, email, or visit