Part 1

CondoJobs Director, Lisa Pinder and FCAP Director, Lisa Whitson recently sat down to discuss realistic expectations of the job market for new community association managers in Florida. Here is Part 1 of a 2-Part Series that is an easy read but so very important to keep on hand for CAMs looking for their first CAM position.

Job Openings > Searching CAMs
LW: This is great advice given what you shared with me that there are fewer open positions than searching CAMs. It’s an upside down market. Giving CAMs every opportunity to be more competitive is important to FCAP.

LP: There are some real challenges, but this is a very good industry and finding a job in this industry can be done.  We have been doing this for 27 years and I’ve seen it happen. This process works if CAMs have realistic expectations at the beginning of their search.


Best Advice for your Job Search

1.  Follow directions when applying.
LP: At CondoJobs, a good indicator for success starts with the membership kit. Those who are able to follow instructions and complete the membership kit without difficulty are usually more successful.


2.  Network with other professionals in the CAM industry
LW: Join industry organizations like FCAP and get involved. Don’t wait until you find the perfect job. Get plugged in today. Many of the service providers in the CAM industry offer social and educational events for low or no charge. Look through the “Meeting Notices” section of our magazine, Florida Community Association Journal, to find an event near you. Our website is also full of event notices and information at


3.  Don’t be a know-it-all
LP: Community association managers don’t need to know everything, but they need to have the right attitude about it and know where to get the correct answers.  My favorite response is, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I will find out and get back to you right away.”
LW: I love that! How great would it be to receive a nice thank you e-mail from a CAM you just interviewed with the information you asked about or maybe even a vendor name and phone number for a project your community is working on?


4.  Have realistic expectations
LP: “It doesn’t always happen as fast as we would like.” Finding the right fit for a new CAM can be challenging as a recruiter.  I am faced with balancing the needs and requirements  of the community with the skills, talents, and management style of the managers.  Both sides of this dynamic are extremely important to the success of CondoJobs and those we serve.

If you have a CAM career success story you would like to share with us, please contact Lisa Whitson at or Lisa Pinder at