Please forgive me for hijacking the FCAP newsletter this week, but I want to give you some important news. Last week we revealed the new FCAP logo and made reference to the changes that are coming soon. I want you to be the first to see them and also want to give you the reasons behind why we are making the changes.

Beginning early next week, all of the websites associated with FCAP –,,, and will redirect to our new website  From there you can easily access the different services that FCAP offers. Although it is not general knowledge (and still has a couple of kinks to work out), the site is live and accessible if you’d like to take a look.

We are two-and-a-half years into the FCAP journey, and are working hard on adding and revising programs and services we feel will greatly increase its value to our members. Here is a partial summary of what we are working on:

The Florida Advanced CAM Studies (40-hour curriculum) that is required for the CFCAM designation is being revised and updated. We are adding years of resource material taken from Florida Community Association Journal Magazine to the course. When Lisa Whitson is through with the course, it will be offered in three different venues: classroom, online, and a combination of the two, we hope to have the online course ready in the next thirty days.

Until now, the classroom-only format has limited the number of managers who were able to take the course. Scheduled for consecutive weekends, the five-day course often required a nineteen-day stretch with no time off when work-days were considered. Our new formats will allow managers to control how and when they will take the course.

Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau is working on a new program designed to keep our members updated on legal developments in real time. She is actively recruiting our dozen or so attorney members for assistance. Things happen rapidly in our world, and we want our members aware of legal issues affecting their communities.

And of course the new website is very important. It illustrates the commitment we have to the industry by restructuring the services we offer under the FCAP umbrella. The magazine, the Show (Palm Beach and Orlando), CondoJobs, and Readers’ Choice Awards will all line up under FCAP to form the most complete professional organization in Florida that serves our industry.

We hope you agree, and we thank you for your trust!

For all of us at FCAP

Jim McMurry
General Manager