FCAP Alive! – June 2014

FCAP Alive! – June 2014

by Lisa Whitson, Director of FCAP Operations/ Published June 2014


Managers, board members, and service providers in condominium associations, HOAs, cooperatives, timeshares, and mobile home communities are now united under FCAP as a statewide organization. The basic memberships and designation programs are undergoing expansion to strengthen, build, and standardize each of these programs.


Richard Johns, Director of Operations at Florida Community Association Journal, lives in Summerfield Homeowners Association in Stuart and suggested FCAP consider implementing a board member shadowing or mentoring program. This program will allow non-board residents to sit in as non-voting observers in an effort to give residents a true picture of what it takes to be a board member.


The prestigious CFCAM program is expanding to include online courses, targeted studies, and specialized designations to identify managers’ areas of expertise. The CFCAM professional designation is now offered in a tiered program to include:

  • CFCAM-One — The entry point to the CFCAM program with a new online prerequisite series of course work, examination, vetting, and advisory board interview. The online course work is available now for CAMs interested in this designation.
  • CFCAM-Two — This Level 2 training will launch later this year and will include targeted studies in areas such as construction, budgeting, reserves, human resources, technology, and maintenance. Three years of verifiable CAM experience is required to achieve the CFCAM-Two designation.
  • CFCAM-PRO — The advanced level of CFCAM-PRO is designed for CAMs with five years or more verifiable experience. This designation set to launch in 2015 will require an independent study to be assigned by the FCAP Advisory Board. An on-site community visit is required for this designation.
  • CFCAM-LEGAL — The advanced level of CFCAM-LEGAL is designed for CAMs with five years or more verifiable experience. This designation will launch with the 2015 legislative session and will require an independent study and tracking of upcoming state legislation impacting the CAM industry. An in-person trip to Tallahassee during the congressional session is required for this designation.


As a business owner or executive in this industry, you are asked to give of your time and expertise in order to serve community associations. Working within a regulated industry while growing a company’s bottom line can be difficult. FCAP would like to serve this group of members by providing an expanded list of benefits to include motivational speakers, business consultants, and business roundtables. Additionally, FCAP will work closely with its member service providers to promote member businesses in order to give you exposure to decision makers.

As FCAP continues to grow, expand, and change, you need a way to keep up with what is happening in FCAP. One of the best ways to stay informed is the FCAP Weekly E-mail Update. If you are not receiving the FCAP Weekly E-mail Update, go to the bottom of this page to sign up for this free service.


New FCAP Legacy Program Makes CFCSP Designation Easier than You Think

We appreciate the professionalism displayed by our service-provider members.

The almost two hundred companies that make up that group are committed to the industry and represent many lifetimes of experience! With that in mind, we are very excited to introduce the Legacy Program for CFCSP-Designates. Service providers with a minimum of three years’ experience serving the community association industry can now apply for the CFCSP designation without the introductory DBCA 101 class. Your verifiable experience and references will qualify you to move up in FCAP and join the highly respected group of CASP-designated service providers. For more information about the CFCSP Program, please visit here.

FCAP Legacy Program for Service Provider

Members Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Applicant must have a minimum of three years’ experience serving community associations.
  • Applicant must agree to the CFCSP code of ethics.
  • Applicant must complete, sign, and submit the CFCSP application.
  • FCAP staff will confirm and validate all information on application.
  • Applicant must pay appropriate fees.
  • CFCSP designation will be awarded based on findings.

CFCSP Benefits

  • FCAP Membership
  • Recognition of membership by community association board members, directors, and other industry leaders
  • Right to use the FCAP Logo
  • Access to the online FCAP Directory (and our more than 1,500 members)
  • Logo on monthly CFCSP page in FLCAJ
  • Industry news announcement in FLCAJ
  • Profile in “FCAP Alive” Column in FLCAJ
  • Invitation to contribute to e-mail news
  • Updates to all members with byline credit
  • Logo on FCAP website
  • Periodic e-mail of educational articles to all members
  • Future curriculum and teaching opportunities
  • Invitation and priority sponsorship program—Community Association Leadership Summit
  • FCAP Referral to community associations contacting FCAP for services
  • Verification of CFCSP status by full-time office staff
  • Priority sponsorship opportunities throughout the year

 FCAP Membership $349
CFCSP application fee $626
Total fees $975

Akam On-Site, Inc.
Susan Fitch, President

1. Website: www.akam.com

2. Address: 1815 Griffin Road, Suite 101, Dania Beach, FL 33004
41221 Fisher Island Drive, Fisher Island, FL 33109

3. Phone: (954) 843-AKAM (2526); (305) 830-AKAM (2526)

4. Background Info: I have been in the management industry for three decades. Prior to joining AKAM On-Site, I served as Executive Director and Director of Training for the Sheraton, Starwood and The Atlantis Paradise Island organizations. At AKAM On-Site, I inaugurated the position of Vice President of Service Excellence.

5. Years in Industry: I have served in the management industry for more than three decades, first in the hotel and hospitality management sector, and now in residential property management.

6. Area of Service: My passion lies in elevating the service industry as a whole and continuing to define what it means to deliver exceptional service to all of AKAM On-Site’s valued clients. I continue to transfer successes from my hotel and hospitality management experience to my current role as AKAM On-Site President by introducing gold and five-star hospitality service standards, such as concierge programs, to AKAM On-Site’s managed associations.

7. Achievement you are most proud of? During my first year as AKAM On-Site President, I was gratified to be able to accomplish the initiatives of my ambitious business plan. Working together with AKAM On-Site’s top-notch team of residential management experts, we streamlined several core processes that resulted in enhanced client financial services, community outreach, employee training and support, and human resources functions.

8. Business philosophy: My business philosophy is simple: Deliver exceptional service to our employees—the ones who serve our clients—and our clients will bring us success. I have lived by this philosophy with great success when building teams, departments, and companies. Ellsworth Sattler, known as the father of hospitality, wrote, “Hire the fellow that smiles easily and often, get rid of the grouch…send him to the competition.” And I add, “Always remember to say, ‘Thank you.’”