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Industry News

DSS Condo Is Now a Division of SOCOTEC!

     On July 5 SOCOTEC Inc. completed the acquisition of the Miami-based project management and construction advisory firm DSS Condo LLC. This alliance strengthens SOCOTEC’s ability to serve the market’s growing number of technical matters.

     SOCOTEC, with over 450 professionals in 20-plus offices across the U.S., is an industry leader with one of the largest and strongest networks of best-in-class experts in the architectural, engineering, construction, and financial consulting space. SOCOTEC offers highly technical expertise across six service lines: building envelope, energy & sustainability, code & planning, project advisory, dispute resolution, and specialty engineering.

     DSSC will continue to deliver exceptional experience in the construction process, helping owners and board members solve their most complex issues throughout the project’s lifecycle, but now operating alongside an extended group of specialized experts offering a broader range of services.

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Industry News

Published June 2014

Envera Systems Warns HOAs and Condominium Associations to Secure Pool Areas to Avoid Afterhours Issues and Liabilities

Since rebranding the company in 2007, Envera Systems has grown the concept of remotely-located, virtual security guards and created the most efficient, technology-based solutions that prevent trespassers and vandals, resulting in greatly reduced community security liabilities. 

With the arrival of warmer weather, afterhours trespassing and vandalism in community pool areas is expected to rise. Envera stresses that community associations take action to prevent trespassers from entering pool and other recreational areas. 

Tom Swain, Envera’s Director of Sales, warns, “It’s not only destruction of property and disturbing the neighborhood, but it’s dangerous for these kids. If they jump in the pool at night and start drowning, no one’s there to save them. The community could even be held legally responsible.” 

Envera suggests homeowner and condominium associations prevent trespassing by actively securing and monitoring their pools and other restricted areas closed to the public afterhours. The most effective and cost-efficient method is with active video surveillance. 

Active video surveillance utilizes high-resolution, digital cameras equipped with video analytics to automatically differentiate trespassers from non-threats such as raccoons and other animals. The video feed is transmitted over a secure Internet connection to the Envera central station, where state-licensed virtual guards monitor events in real time. If a trespasser breaches the perimeter, the guard uses two-way audio to voice down to the trespasser demanding they leave the area. If the trespasser refuses, the guard contacts local authorities.

“We used to have a problem with kids sneaking in and throwing chairs in the water and causing trouble, but since Envera started montioring our pool area we haven’t had any issues over the past couple of years,” says Maria, a resident of The Groves, an Envera protected community.

Envera Systems, industry leader in outdoor asset protection, currently secures hundreds of gate points and access control entry points, as well as amenities such as clubhouses, pools, and parks. For additional information on active video surveillance and outdoor asset protection, or to learn more about Envera’s other technology-based security solutions, visit or contact Nathan Varn at (855) 801-1274.