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A recent decision from Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal highlights the importance of understanding the distinction between the different documents that govern the Association, as well as when and how each needs to be amended. Many people use the term “bylaws” as a catch-all term to describe the entire set of documents, but each […]

As most condominium association boards and managers are aware by now, Section 718.112(2)(k), Florida Statutes, of the Condominium Act, was most recently amended to require a condominium’s bylaws to include a provision for alternative dispute resolution as provided in Section 718.1255, Florida Statutes. The alternative dispute resolution process outlined in Section 718.1255, Florida Statutes, was […]

Political Signs Increasingly, I am being asked by clients about whether they can prevent residents from displaying political signs from their units or lots. These clients all have restrictions against signs in their governing documents. The main concern, and response to enforcement, relates to the First Amendment: the right to free speech.  Importantly, the First […]